Its amazing been here again. I thank you sir @slon21veka for hosting this contest. Thank you @steem-BRU for the opportunity. Today i will be sharing with you all about my strangest dream

Dream is a natural phenomenon that happens with humans. Although humans are in the physical realm but their dreams takes place in the spiritual realm this is why it always happens while humans are asleep.


While we sleep we move from the physical realm to another realm. This realm is so real, as real as the physical realm. In this realm we see things and even do things then when we finally wake up from our sleep, we find out it was all a dream.

I have heard people say they do not have dreams while they sleep. Well, thats not true for me. I have dreams often. There are three times i have dreams;

First when i have a very stressful day, secondly when am sick, and the last when am thinking alot about something.

I have had several strange dreams but today i will share with you one of the strangest dream i had while i a little sick and i still went out and had a stressful day.

I had this dream while i was still growing up at age 15. I came home tired, dont forget i had cold accompanied with catarrh, so i slept off, i began having a dream. In that dream, i went with my parents to church because it was sunday. As the service was going on i came out of the church building to clean up my nose because of the catarrh.

As i came out and blew my nose, the dirt from my nose fell out and turned into a very big monster, oh my God! I was so scared! The monster had eyes all over his head. The eyes were more than 20 on the head. It was really scary. I started running and the big monster chased me. I was screeming for help and running but no one could hear me. I met some people people and told them i was been chased by a monster but it seemed as if they could not hear what i was saying to them. I kept running until i woke up.

When i woke up, i was so scared that i had goose bumps all over my body. I was so glad it was a dream.

Its been so many years now but i have not forgotten this dream because it was really strange.

Thank you for reading

 3 months ago 

Страшный и странный сон!

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