My Experience on the steem blockchain. (a positive impact)

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This is one of the memories of my life. It is a journey of life-changing moments that can never be forgotten. I share with my readers today a journey of my life on the steem blockchain and the significant effects that have happened over the past years. My existence on the steemit platform is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have said this many times which l would continue to say more. This has always made me a proud steemian on the Africa continent. I stand to be among the few Africans with a never-ending story to share with the world always. My effort to accomplish one of my dreams in life as connecting with many different people never yielded anything good until I found steemit as a social platform. But before then, l has wandered on many different platforms which led to nothing but regret. And l gradually appreciated my presence to be here which has contributed to my growth to this far. At a point, social media was nothing but a waste of time. But the good news about this was the fact that l was not the only one in this.

Many people keep wasting a lot of time on the internet with so much regret since they still do not find what they are looking for.
In the month of June 2017 was when l got introduced to steem platform by one selfless and great leader here in ghana @tj4real. I had done business with him severely on phone calls which we never knew each other. I deal in the selling of internet data at very affordable prices. This has led me to many different people who also connect me to others. Trying to find out why @tj4real keeps buying internet data from most often revealed to what he does with the data. And so he invited me to spend some time to go through some readings of what steem blockchain is all about. In no time, l got my intro post written and that's just how the story began to unfold. My constant effort introduced me to many great steemains and technocrats who contributed hugely to my growth as well. The many active Ghanaians helped to establish a community where we could share steem with Ghanaians and make it much bigger than expected. The effort of @anaman @kwakumax @richforever @yawgh @nattybongo @jeeandmee @odsam2 @zicodee @awuahbenjamin @collinz @ehmkande @bigssam and several Ghanaians assisted in making @steemitghana a wonderful community to impact lives here in Africa with steemit. Many thanks also to @ackza @surfyogi @nanzo-scoop @bleepcoin @sweetsssj @dswigle and several others who through their effort and direction gave us a positive mindset to survive

the early days


 Photo credits: smartphone photography

The emergence of @steemitghana got great attention with the very little effort of the available members we had. It was then suggested that sub-communities be created to handle steem activities and promotions at the local levels and so coming out with @steemitashanti came into existence. My presence in the steemit Ashanti was so great and introduced to us many wonderful opportunities. Let me add that, the presence of genius @anaman has always been the brain behind the progress of steem Ashanti and at the national level as well. Anaman helped to organize a promo activity at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST) here in the Ashanti region of ghana. This was where ghana produced many steemians from the university.


Unfortunately, the Ashanti team included @mcsamm @anaman @jeeandmee @collinz, and @odsam2. Our number never discouraged us but working as a tea pushed us higher to make it bigger than we imagined.

My local meet up


One of the few significant and amazing known facts of @steem-ghana is the production of Steemit Tshirt. It all started with steem Ashanti when we plan to take steemit to the youth of ghana but how. The production of t-shirts and flyers started to take over our minds which was a work in the right direction. 2o pieces of t-shirt were produced then to cater also for the few people that got joined from the mini promo work that was taken at the university campus. All these while, my experience of leading the community was getting really higher with the motivation from @anaman.



Here we rock beautifully in our t-shirt and making plans to handle the expansion of the ghana community. It is so good to share that, steemit getting my confidence level so much higher in connecting with many different people. This was due to the numerous meet us that began to roll. There was no single month that no meeting was held. Our consistency gave us hope to survive.
However, the price of steem then was not even close to $0.5. But we were highly motivated and focused more on the impact that the blockchain was making in our lives.

First National Meet up


Our monthly meetups here In the Ashanti region did not only increased our reputation and growth on the blockchain but exposed us to the entire platform. Great steemians commended us for the great effort in promoting steemit in Ghana. It was then suggested that a national meetup be carried to move outside our zone to spread the news. This was planned to host a few steemians from our sister community Nigeria. I must commend the effort of @tojukaka @nmalove @adejke16 and several others who participated in this national meetup here at Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. It was a great moment shared which the aftermath was more than expected. At this time, l could not handle the number of newbies that joined us from then.
The flyers and t-shirt produced and shared on the streets gave a lot of people the opportunity to join this amazing platform. The many people l have known in my life now are also a result of some of these things that happened to me over the past years. All the contribution is given to stem blockchain for granting some of us such an opportunity.

Steemit For West Africa(@Wafrica)


 @wafrica meet up at Nigeria

In addition, my effort and hard work introduced to wonderful people which l believe they have been my friend and mentor on this blockchain. @ackza has been the director and best friend and can always boast of. His enormous support and directions made him introduce me to one amazing steemian, @surfyogi. He brought under one umbrella few Africans whose effort has affected any lives on the steem blockchain which l felt so proud to be one of. The group formed a community called @wafrica which its existence has improved and helped many steemians. Helping steemians on the Africa continent was the main motive of Africa. It organized contests and activities that we're improving the lives of people in Africa.



Thanks to the leader and director of wafrica @surfyogi for this great initiative. One of the best experiences my presence of steem blockchain has given me is the many friends l have been connected to. Surfyogi once organized a meetup for all the African leaders of wafrica which occurred in Nigeria in 2018. We met together as one big family to make some great plans and discussions that wafrica wants to undertake here on the blockchain. Indeed the meetup ended so well after which others proceeded to join steemfest in Nigeria then. Connecting with people all over the world couldn't have been so possible if not for steemit. No other social platform of our world today can boast of some of these impacts given to its members apart from steemit. I am more than impressed to be on steemit and sharing more to promote the blockchain is the least some of us can offer. It a living testimony.

Gallery of Meet ups




 Distribution of writing materials to students with @girlsfoundation




 Steem Ashanti meetup at X5 Kumasi




 Presentation of Gifts, clothes, items at Kumasi Orphanage

Steemit Ghana Today



 @opponk @njaywan @nattybongo

It is so unfortunate to notice that, the many people we started this journey with are nowhere to be found today. Many people join the platform with the aim of earning. It s the reason some of these we started with do not still find reasons to share more daily. But many thanks to the current leadership who in their effort has made great toil to sustain the ghana community till now. Many thanks to you @oppongk @anaman @njaywan @nattybongo @mcsamm for all your hard work in putting things together to make @steem-ghana a pleasant home for many Ghanaians on the blockchain. There is a lot to achieve with greater milestone.


 steem-ghana meetup


 @oppongk and @anaman

-But one thing l can always share with others especially the newbies is that, be concerned more with the impacts it is making in your life than what to earn. l have been with this community even when steem was $0.01. My interest rose and made me better simply because of the joy l have always found in blogging. Steemit has not only opens up my mind but has increased my knowledge, connects me with friends, and improved my lifestyle. You only have to find your niche, create and do more to improve the lives of others. Be particular about your input to bring a change in the life of people. The joy you will find in doing this is greater than the earnings of your content creation.


 @collinz, @nattybongo, and @mcsamm


Thank You, @mcsamm


This is such a massive work done and a wonderful experience achieved. Thanks for sharing this @mcsamm. The earlier leaders did a good job. Steem is the new world to live in.

Many thanks, bro. Steemit has made many impacts with live here in Africa. There is still a lot more to share. I feel more than appreciated for my exposure to this blockchain.

Your impact is really wonderful, more strength to your elbow to move higher in letting the world know about steem 👍

you have achieved a lot my master of the game....thanks for impacting many lives as well.

Thanks bro

Finally you are here. Thanks for filling us in

welcome bro

We will re create these memories again with new steem price

Wow, I really appreciate it. I am new to steemit blockchain. I come from Madagascar.

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