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I am not too sure about that. I recall the 70s style included plaid elephant pants and you would leave your shirt unbuttoned almost to your navel.


I went on a school trip to Greece at this time and all the Greek men had thin "greasy" mustaches and gold chains around their necks.

I used to wear a safari shirt that toned down the colours but had epaulets and multiple pockets. I might wear one again if I go travelling. One forgets there is nothing handier than a pocket in a shirt.

Men's shoes were something else. They were platform shoes.


Toward the end of the 70s, I wore a shoe (unfortunately cannot find a picture) which was built backwards. The toe had a thick sole and the heel had a low heel. It actually was a comfortable shoe except it felt you were going uphill all the time.

Of course, by the time I went to university (78), I was into tweed jackets (or a black trenchcoat), skinny ties, blue jeans.


The black trenchcoat was when I was doing a lot of brain dissections and having to wear university-supplied lab coats. It was similar to this. Just roll up the sleeves and you were ready to dig in.


Another phase in Canada (which has never disappeared) is wearing flannel shirts:


The only problem is that girlfriends like to steal them and wear them to bed.

So that was pretty much my wardrobe for the 70s and 80s.


Wow🤩 I didn't know that much about 70's 80's men's fashion. Thanks to you, I can see what a crazy period it was 😄 I love seeing unique styles around👌 It's so boring to be the same. By the way, I think the most interesting thing was the reverse shoes🙃

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