"Kids of the world" Contest from @olesia and @soulwind beginning of week #26 by @alamgir833 [10% Beneficiary To @steem-bru]

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My Dear steemians,
I am @alamgir833 from Bangladesh
Today is Saturday, October 16 /2021

Today I am going to participate in such a beautiful contest "Kids of the world" organized by @olesia and @soulwind in @steem-bru community.


The one I will share with you today is the cute girl of my aunt's little aunt whose name is Azwa.He is one year and two months old. She is a very shy and playful girl. He speaks less. Although he can pronounce little by little, he has learned to call his parents, grandparents, etc.I sat in a nice place with Azwa. I bought her a lollipop from the store and she was eating it with great pleasure.


Although he has been ill for a few days. He is eating less. And she is a little fickle girl, yet her body is very bad. I tried to keep her in ecstasy. So I bought this lollipop from the store and tried to enjoy it.



A few days ago a tomtom car was bought for him to play with. It was bought from a local puja ceremony. He is playing with this car with great pleasure. You can see the scene of the game through pictures. He is unknowingly playing with the tomtom car and this car is very nice with the sound of tomtom.




He is very happy with the tomtom car of those children. Unknowingly playing with this car alone. This car has been tied to the front of the tomtom car with a kind of sound. He has learned to walk so that he can carry it here and there, so he is playing with the car on foot, unaware of the restless joy of his curious mind. I was very happy to play with him.

I hope all of you will like this post, and everyone will be healthy and safe. Thank you.❤️❤️

Here in the contest:👇


I have invited some of my friends to participate in this contest:
@hossain01 @mostafezur001 @mdsamad

Thanks to the curators for their hard work and generous support.

Benefactor's reward: 10% of the Author reward will go to @steem-bru Cc: @steem-bru @antorv @olesia @filinpaul @greatketty @knopka145 @alexmove @vlad26 @slon21veka

Thanks everyone.

Best Regards.

 2 months ago 

@alamgir833, thank you!)

Welcome my dear sister ❤️

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