⚠️⚠️🚫Stop Plagiarism🚫 Know about steemit posting guidelines & otherthings

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This is an Awareness Post about Plagiarism

Hello everyone Asalamualaikum. Hope everybody is healthy and everyone is having a good day. Lately, the effects of corona have been felt in various countries in South Asia, so everyone working on the steemit platform from South Asia should be careful and follow the hygiene rules as well as get vaccinated against covid to stay healthy.

Today I will talk about the very important issue of steemit platform and that is plagiarism. If you want to work on steemit platform then Don't try to plagiarize anything. Everyone has to work with transparency and for beginners there two communities one is for achievement task named newcomers community and the other one is steemit nursery in which newcomers can make post what they want also there are some rules


★ Plagiarism is a very bad thing
★ the steemit team finds those Who are working with authenticity but there are some users who wants to be more profitable within very short timw that's why they are making plagiarized content on steemit

★ Try to know about the @steemit that @steemit platform really what wants from every steemians
@steemit finds to support orginal post.
★ And all you need to know that to prevent the plagiarism there are working @endingplagiarism &
@endplagiarism02. If you are a long time user on this platform, It will be better to avoid plagiarism.
And on behalf of OUR community we really appreciate this work.

This is a post about the achievement-tasks-resources-and-materials-newcomers-retention by @cryptokannon please everyone read this post

🛑 The way everyone needs to know to avoid the Plagiarism🛑

★ Work with passion on this platform. There are so many communities in this platform you can choose some of them which is better for you.
★remeber one thing that if you plagiarize content then you may be banned from Steemit
★knwo about this steemit platform
★ do what you like. Make post by yourself with orginal content
★ And try to use copyright free image there are some site which provide users copyright free image such as : pexel.com, pixbay.com etc

And Lastly i hope that everyone will understand the importance about this post and best of luck everyone

 2 years ago 

Stop plagiarism. Share your own credibility

 2 years ago (edited)

Yeah the plagiarism is so bad thing, We should take strong step about plagiarism

 2 years ago (edited)

That's a very informative post about plagiarism

yeah thats right

 2 years ago (edited)

In my opinion, plagiarism is very detrimental to users both emotionally in thinking and in improving the quality of their posts stop plagiarisme

 2 years ago 

I allways gave my unique post

I hate plagiarism , That's why I posted my post 100% pure

Stop plagiarism ✊

 2 years ago 

i always try to write whole post by own.

 2 years ago 

plagiarism is strictly prohibited in steemit, and we must stay away from it.

I hate plagiarism.I always try to write all post by own.

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