Some New Categorise have been invented for whole world's dairy community 🎉

in Whole World's Dairy7 months ago


Hello! Hope everybody is doing very well and healthy. We've come up with some new categories for this community. From now on, you will be encouraged to present content by following these categories. And with that comes something new to the eesteemit platform.

The Categories


The main theme of the steem teaching category is that if you are good at something new or know it well, then teach it to others. For example, if you know good English grammar, or can cook well, you will post to teach your language or cooking to others. Can you play a good game? If you can, then post about how you can play well.


Story! Yes, if you can tell a very good story then you can write and post that story. In our community. And people value good stories a lot. Hopefully there will be posts in our community about the story.


The main theme of steem blog is to create a blog on a topic. For example, if you love to travel, you can blog about traveling.
You can blog about recipes


Art work! Photography, Photography These are great art. Those of you who love to draw pictures and those who have experience related to art will post about them.

I hope @steemcurator01 sir will evaluate all these works of ours.

We believe that @steemcurator01 & steemcurator02 Sir evaluates innovation. Work will continue towards that goal




Thats a great idea we hope so.

 7 months ago 

wow,,,!! what a great idea we can see the abilities of other friends

Wow! Awesome idea I definitely appreciate it 😊

I really like this idea and I will work with this community always

Great idea!

Wow amazing. Its really so good.

 7 months ago 

Yes, It's a very good idea. Our all member's will be enjoy this and it can improve ourself too.

 7 months ago 

It's really good idea.

 7 months ago 

this is very informative idea.

I am really so happy to this information. It's a good step to improve yourself.

 7 months ago 

This is a very nice idea my friend @badsha1 🌻🌻

Wow, this idea is very beautiful

Hi @badsha1, very good idea

It's really good idea.

 7 months ago 

this is a very good idea,and all members can choose what they want,

 7 months ago 

yes! My friend.!
Thank you @humaidi

 7 months ago 

You are Wellcome my friend,,,

 7 months ago 

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Thank you from The bottom of my heart ❤️

Great idea @badsha1

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