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A humble Greetings to the Steemit Team


I'm @badsha1, the founder of the whole World's Dairy community
I have read the new community guideline and about the monthly Community Support Program

Application :

@badsha1 is founder and @whole-world is an Admin of this community besides, @mdshafi & @humaidi is playing role as Moderator of this community.

The Purpose Of Our Community :

Our Community is about all the things which are exist in this world.(Events, works,sights,people, geography,etc)
The purpose of this community is to know the whole world. Acquiring knowledge about the whole world and through this community we hope to gain knowledge about the culture, environment and human behavior of different places in different countries, and their different eating habits and natural patterns, historical patterns, way of life etc.

Besides we are hopping to gather 50k sp of our community id @whole-world so that we can influence More people to know the whole world.

Community Team

Our community team is consists of 4 steemians members , @badsha1 is founder, @whole-world is an Admin, @rex-sumon Mod(CR of Bangladesh) @mdshafi Mod(from Bangladesh : Language Bangla & English ) & @humaidi Mod (from Indonesia,Language English & bahasa Indonesia) playing role as Moderator
Besides @shohoz is an amazing helper of our community. He helps us im many ways
And right now we are looking for more two mod from America & Africa who can plays important role in our community

And i have given the community's owner account's Keys to the @shohoz & @mdshafi. If i left from this community they Will take over all the responsibility for this community and i believe that @humaidi will help them all the time.

@mdshafi & @shohoz has kept the keys in safe Places from where it wouldn’t possible to be lost.
Besides i have also kept the keys in safe place

Community Curation Account

Our community Curation account is @whole-world
Right now it has more than 3.7k steem power 803 steem power is it’s own and left is by delegation

And our plan for growing sp is who are getting support from our community they Will set 10% reward to community account @whole-world

@mdshafi, @badsha1, @shohoz has the access to vote with the community account
And after getting All the rewards i send them to power up to the community account

Effective Power 3,751.84 SP ( 803.97 + 2,947.87 )
Vote Amount $ 0.04
VP ~> 100 % in 9h 28m|Today, 20:56
RC Status 100.00 %|7,008,758,607,378 RC
Reputation 55.585
Followers 97|3 following
Post Count 20 posts|216 comments|289 replies
Vote Count 244 upvotes|417 upvotes received
Voting CSI [ ? ] ( 0.00 % self, 27 upvotes, 23 accounts, last 7d )

Plagiarisms & Abuses

In steem we all know that plagiarism is forbidden.To reduce plagiarism we have taken some steps , our community Moderator @humaidi checks every post for plagiarism if he finds any post who plagiarized any picture or any content we all give him a warning and if the user do repeat the same thing we mute him from our community.. And we have given in our community A warning Stop Plagiarism and know about steemit posting guidelines

Engagement & Commenting

Does the community team check and comment on every post in the community?

Definetly we do that. Like you know, we are just new and we have more hands. It is not a big deal for us for now but we will continue even when the publications increase because, we will add more hands to do the job.

If not, approximately what proportion of posts are commented on?

We try to comment on all posts made in the community. And we do ir regularly.

Plans & Updates for Whole World's Dairy Community

Week after week we distribute a report with the posts chose for the Community Support Program. What's more, in our reports as CR we are adding the advances of the local area

Simultaneously, we distribute challenges from the local area account and new recommendations like client check or the designation program.

We utilize the local area account, with the exception of posting the Selected for the Communities Support Program.
Indeed, we have a month to month plan with the distributions that we should make from the record, challenges, and short, medium, and long haul goals identified with the SP, number of clients, and number of dynamic endorsers.


Yes we promote our community in #Twitter


Besides we are gonna promote our community throug Facebook & Instagram by creating account from now.




 3 years ago 

With teamwork, I believe the #WholeWordsDairy community will continue to grow in the future.

What's more, here we have smart and honest admins @badsha1 and @whole-world as founders of this community, and supported by moderators @mdshafi & @humaidi who have been working very well and honestly.

I really enjoy working in this community, and I see so much quality content here.

May the #WholeWordsDairy Community always be successful.

 3 years ago 

Thank you my friend 💚

 3 years ago 

I hope this community goes well, and continues to grow and get support from the whales on this steemit, so that people posting here can feel it. This is all I can say, I hope you continue to move forward and survive and achieve lots of subscribers. .

 3 years ago 

Thank my friend @masril💚

 3 years ago 

you are welcome brother

it's amazing, I just came to this community but when I see they are working to the best of their ability that makes this community progress and grow rapidly, this community is very good and makes good content, my enlightenment is increasing when I'm in this community. I will help the community in a way that benefits each of my content, so that the community grows quickly.

Thank all #wholeworldsdiary

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much friend

 3 years ago 

this is a very good way of all of luck always with this comunty.

 3 years ago 

Thank you

 3 years ago 

Best wishes. I appreciate the hardwork & effort of the whole team. @badsha1 you are doing great. I hope you'll keep it up & be prosperous. This community will become a leading community in near future so we all should work hard.
Best wishes.

 3 years ago 

Thank you

 3 years ago 


It’s been a pleasure & opportunity to have a community like this. It gave me the opportunity to express myself to you. This is the a community of all.You can share anything you want,no limitations like other communities. I would like to thank the whole team behind this fabulous community & wish a great future to us all.

 3 years ago 

Thank you @shishir103

 3 years ago (edited)

From the very beginning of this community I have been working with the community. It is a very good community. I thank @badsha1 for playing the biggest role as a Founder and he is running the community very intelligently. He has given us the woner password of this community. I am working with him with utmost fidelity and I am ready to fulfill any responsibility of this community in future. I will take the responsibility of the community in consultation with the community moderators. And I hope this application will play a huge role in the growth of our community. @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

 3 years ago 

Thank you @shohoz for your co-operation

 3 years ago 

This is a very good community. I have seen a lot of content here which is of very high quality. If this community gets support then their activities will increase further.

 3 years ago 

Thank you brother..💚

This is a very good community. The admins who are members of this community are very simple. They solve any problem quickly. I have been with this community from the beginning and this application will play a big role in the growth of our community.

 3 years ago 

I'm sure this community will grow, because it has great people in it, like @badsha1 @mdshafi and @shohoz they have worked hard for this community, and hopefully this community can get more support from the #steemit team and thank you very much.

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