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I am fine by the grace of ALLAH Almighty and I hope you are all well.This is my first post in this community.

How was my day today? I thought I'd share it with you.

First I got up in the morning and came home after Fajr prayers. When I came home, I found out from home that today I have to go to the market to buy animals for sacrifice so that an animal can be bought for sacrifice.
My family and I had breakfast in the morning. After breakfast we left our house for the market at about 10 in the morning.
Brother Mandi is located at a distance of about 12 km from our house. When we reached the market, there were very few animals in the market but we checked the animals but no animal came to our liking. We offered Zuhr prayers and then we had lunch at a nearby P Hotel. After eating we went to the market and when we reached the market there were a lot of animals in the market because of the hot weather during the day. Traders do not let their animals out because the animals cannot withstand the extreme heat.
Now it was 5 o'clock in the market but we still could not find any animal and no animal in our range so after performing Asr prayers we left for the market again at 6 o'clock as soon as we saw one of our He fell on a bull whose business rate was asking for 250,000 but after it was enough, the deal was settled at 196,000 rupees and we gave him the money and finally reached home and when the family saw the animal, everyone was very upset. Happily, the family and the outsiders also praised the animal, and everyone, young and old, advised it and finally our goal was to buy the animal for sacrifice, and I spent the whole day buying the animal. Passed out.
And I hope you like my dairy game and you will support me a lot.

Some beautiful pictures of animals in the cattle market.


The most beautiful goat in the whole market.



Picture of some beautiful goats.







Finally we liked this calf.





While eating the fodder, the animal was asked by its owner where he said that it has Mickey, toddy, dry bread and loose fodder.


The animals are tired.


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