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Hello Everyone Assalam-o-alikum

I am @sualeha from Pakistan First of all I congragulate to #steemforbangldesh community hosting engagement season 17 with elegant,the first week of season 17 having theme about seasons of my country.In Pakistan basic four seasons are in a year , it's summer, winter, autumn and spring little season of rain also blooming in my country also .

Before I starting my blog I would like to invite my friends @goodybest ,@hudamalik20, @inspiration and @uzma4886 to participate in wonderful contest and share your fabulous seasons information in your blog that would be interesting for all of us .
contest post link share here

How many seasons in your country? Which one is your favorite and why?

In Pakistan the main four seasons are there in a year it's summer winter autumn spring hand monsoon season also spreading blessings on Pakistan. The summer season is too long about 6 to 8 months and shorter period of winter season about only two months.then autumn and spring.In November to January winter season in Pakistan and remaining months summers infact hot period is too long as compared to other seasons , well I talk about my favorite season it's my all time favorite cold weather means winter season .



In my country the winter season is shorter than summer hardly two months but it's my favorite season,I really liked playing with snow and love snow fall but unfortunately I lived in Karachi city,there were no snow fall or extreme cold temperature for good winter scene public moved on northern area of Pakistan and enjoy the weather.

In winters the dressing looking become more stylist and fashionable like jackets,jeans , woolen caps and gowns gives us really cool and trendy specially bright colors looking more attractive as compared in hot season.The Yummy hot and delicious traditional food like gajer ka hulwa ,corn soup,dry nuts sweet called punjery and dates bolls made at every house so I liked all of that only just happened in winters.

If there was one season you wanted to skip forever, which one would it be? Explain the reason.



The truth is that I am basically nature love ,the beautiful gardens,flowers ,trees and chirping birds on trees and innocent animals always admires me all of that happened in summer 🌞 season, but in autumn all trees were empty or fall down leaves from trees ,the blooming garden were effected and due to fall folwers not seen any were in garden.

Describe a traditional or special activity that people in your country do during a particular season.

As I said above I liked cold weather /winter season well in my country people were celebrating with Great fun specially bon fire activities saw frequently during cold winters night with hot cup of coffee ☕.



The dry nuts are also took in cold nights ,I like to eat in blanket like peanuts 🥜, walnut,almold and pistachio is one of the specialty of winter season yummy foods also .

Are there any special foods or drinks that people in your country enjoy most during certain seasons? If so, what is it and why?

Well in winter the many traditional food and sweet were prepared in every house like carrots hulwa , coffee ☕, chicken corn soup and dry nuts balls and date balls .



All of these food provide warm body internally and keeping us from cold and flue ,the dry nuts also very good for health.I also made punjery for my family because all nuts were super healthy and full of flaver and off cause energetic,the healthy environment.

I think all seasons have its own original natural beauty and almighty wants to give different seasons in a year the reason may be that we all not gotten bored with same season ,change is a low of life it's give new life to old one .

So guys it's time to leavei.hope you all likedy post please remember me in your prays waiting for your valuable feedback will be right back soon with my new blog till then take care Allah Hafiz 💖.

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Dear @question
You presented a beautiful contest .Thank you so much for sharing a post by which I come to know about the seasons of your country.You have presented wonderfully the different seasons of your country with its characteristics.Every season has some own characteristics. One is different from other. Nature changes it look in every season. By reading you post I come to know that there are four seasons in your country. Some like most winter and some like other seasons but I nothing dislike because every seasons is important for us and the hottest season of your country is summer.The temperature is high in this time. Go ahead and best wishes for you.

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I really like this Pakistan weather it is fun I never knew Pakistan also experience snow but not all part. Your food looks yummy and appetizing over here too cold weather makes us cooks pepper soup too so as help keep the warm

Que bendición tener las 4 estaciones en un país yo quisiera tener en mi país nueve y sentir la sensación al ver caer cada pedacito jejeje. Y la nuez en Venezuela es muy cara pero bastante rica vale la pena darse el gusto

Good to know that the four seasons in Pakistan; winter, autumn, spring and summer are considered as blessings. Being that these seasons are important, you’ve chosen winter to be your favorite. With the meals displayed and your words, it is obvious that your country is blessed.

Nice input!
Many success in the contest!



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Tu país ha sido bendecido con las cuatro estaciones en el cual todas somos pero que en especial el invierno es más fresco hay abundancia de alimentos. Nuestro creador nos ha dado mediante la naturaleza para que nosotros podamos disfrutar de ella.
Éxito la participación

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Hi @sualeha, I really enjoy reading your entry, you have explained everything in great detail and to be sincere I enjoyed everything, I have seen in your country you have the best season so far, and one is your favorite. You have explained the reason you chose it and how people make used of this particular season.. good luck boss

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