SEC-S17W6: "Tourism In My Country"

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This is the sixth week of the contest for the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 17 on behalf of the Steem for Bangladesh community. We hope you will enjoy this challenge.

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Contest Topic

Every country has places where people can go for fun and adventure with family or alone. Some of these spots are famous and attract visitors from other countries. In this contest, participants must share the best tourist spots in their country with captivating photos or videos. They also have to talk about what improvements are needed to attract more foreign tourists in the future. The contest's objective is to learn about tourism from different people worldwide and what they think needs to be done to attract more foreign visitors to these spots.

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Contest Tips

  • Share two popular tourist spots in your country and the reason why they are so popular?

  • Do foreign tourists visit these spots? What special facilities are there for them?

  • What kind of improvement do you think is needed to increase the visibility of foreign tourists there?

  • Do you know any spot that is not yet known to everyone but has the potential to become a popular tourist destination in the future?

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  • You must be subscribed and post in the Steem For Bangladesh community.
  • Resteem and upvote this post and invite 3 friends to participate.
  • The title of the post should be: SEC-S17W6: "Tourism in my country"
  • Your post should contain a minimum of 300 words.
  • We are allowed all languages.
  • Use Tag: #steem4bangladesh-s17w6 #steemexclusive #yourcountry and #club in the first 5 tags.
  • Every Participant must be part of one of the club #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.
  • Be creative, and write in your own words because we do not allow plagiarism and AI. If anyone is caught doing Plagiarism he/she will be disqualified from the contest.
  • Participants do not use any auto-vote services
  • Be sure to share copyright-free images and consider using the image source.
  • The link to your entry post should be commented on below this post.

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The contest starts at 00:00 , on Monday 13 May, and ends at 23:59, on Sunday 19 May 2024.

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Details of the community’s current policy for checking and commenting on posts

Greetings, dear friend.

It's nice to see you here. Thank you for participating in the sixth week of Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 17. We encourage you to stay engaged with other participants by voting and commenting.

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Contest Prize
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 last month 

Very amazing challenge start here and everyone love ve tourism so you see my entry about this challenge very early saty connected with my profile

Best of luck for All participants

Interesante concurso! Es una excelente manera de compartir la belleza de cada país para atraer a más turistas.

Claro queparticiparé en este reto para mostrar esos rincones especiales de mi país venezuela y miren que hay muchos.

 last month 

Great competition 🥳 I will join this contest as soon as possible 🥰

 last month 

A very nice competition has been organized, I will definitely participate in the competition. How important the tourism sector is for our country and I will show you many things about this sector. Also, I will invite many people to come to our country in this competition.

Greetings @rahulkazi

It's indeed an amazing tourists competition. I've been pondering of this challenge theme for some months now, and finally it's here. To be honest, I can't wait to read your amazing entry about tourism and what improvement should be done to enhance the visibility for foreign tourists. Please remember to invite me to your country, I'll like to know more about the popular tourist spot you have.

Goodluck wishes 💌

 last month 

I think it is a wonderful theme for a creative contest.

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