Steem Nigeria Contest || The Stranger I Won't Forget || Organised by @prechyrukky || Entry by @opopa

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I can never forget this stranger in my entire life..

I was making a trip via train back to Lagos and I was all alone. It was an entire night journey and I was to reach Lagos early morning 8 am. I was tired because of the work day and fell asleep I don't remember when yet I nodded off on my little bag. It was summer and I was wearing light shaded trousers. I don't have a clue why however that evening while I was sleeping I got my periods!

It was early morning 6′o clock when this gentleman who appeared to me some 2–3 years older than me woke me up. He said tenderly in my ears

'' everybody here is staring at your pants dear they are for the most part gazing at you please wake up ''

I was terrified as soon as those words hit my ears.

He understood my circumstance and said to everybody present in the compartment

'' Have you not seen your mom or sister going through something similar, these are ordinary periods! Please don't gaze at her to make her uncomfortable. She is only a normal young lady. If I see anyone gazing at her, I'll slap him directly before everybody present here ''

At that point he assisted me make my way to the washroom and when I returned back after of fixing everything I thanked him. At that point we spoke a little about random stuff, I could obviously see he was making me comfortable after after whatever occurred. I was so fortunate to have such an gentleman close by the whole time to save me from those dirty minds.

I expressed gratitude toward him again and arrived at my destination.

However, I can always remember this nice thought of this wonderful person.

Wherever you dear stranger, I say thank you again


Wow! I am touched by your experience

Thank for your participation

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