The Diary Game:4th of August 2020: Another Tuesday of Beautiful Experiences.

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Sweet readers, I welcome you once again to my blog and today is another day that brings exciting memories.


[Picture taken with my mobile phone at home]

So I decided to wear this top made by my baby sister, she is still trying to attain perfection so she uses our clothes at home to learn how to make different styles, she keeps improving everyday, this is the first time she will be making a top like this and I think she did really well.

I got up early as usual did some simple house chores like sweeping and making the bed and I did not forget to take a few pictures before heading out to work since I have to post my diary here.


[Picture taken on my way to work this morning]


Remember I told you about my double coloured customer at the beginning of the diary, I called her today and her face is doing better this made me very happy, I love it when I recommend something for my customers and it works for them.

I am practically still at work as I write still expecting lots of customers to come patronize us and yes I almost forgot to share this other great news with you: Our POS machine is back.


Since we resumed back after the lockdown we have been unable to make use of the POS for payment but finally it was returned today and I greatly anticipate when we will be able to use it for to give out cash because that is still a work in progress.

Have a lovely day friends and I will see you tomorrow. I am @oluwatobiloba and I read and appreciate every comment.

I belong to @teamg-nigeria and HERE’S OUR TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT POST


Wow. I agree with you that your sister did a very good job with the top. It's beautiful. You also look gorgeous in it.
Do you run a POS service or your just use the machine to receive payment from your customers? I can see the hustle is real, and you're doing really well for yourself.

Great to see you playing #thediarygame.
Steem on...

Hi @tolustx I appreciate your comment greatly, we run a POS service but we need more finance for that at the moment.

Keep up with the consistency. You truly have a gift of writing. Let's make it better if you want so.

Lovely diary. Simple people doing things wealthy hardly does.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment, highly appreciated.

Thank you so much for
The lovely comment, highly

                 - oluwatobiloba

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You're most welcome

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