The stranger I won't forget by joelmaxwell

in STEEM NIGERIAlast year (edited)

I appreciate the organizer of this contest @prechyrukky,my name is Joel Maxwell and this is about a stranger I won't forget.

After a whole day in school,the day finally drew close and there was an heavy rain,I had to wait patiently in the bus stop but due to how heavy the rain was no bus was sighted after standing close to 3 hours,I saw a car drove close to the bus stop,and ask do you care a drive?,I responded happily yes God will bless you without even asking if he is heading to my route,
The journey began,the driver ask young man are u a student?yes I am,I responded
Which course?. pharmacy sir
We kept going and going and the rain was still heavy,I ask please sir am going to the hostel and I don't know the route you are using?I ask he responded must you know everything and change to pidgin shea una too the like free thing,you are doom today,that is how I know that I am heading 6ft down chai,lots of things cross my mind, should I shot, should I drag him,o God Is this the appointed time for me to die,as we were going and am pleading that am the only child of my mom,he laughed and said it is your type that we want,I go use you blow las las he said in pidgin,I started crying and praying in my mine,he shouted is your family rich?
I responded no sir and I showed him the last #100 naira in my pocket that it was for transport and dinner.His mood change and he gave me a thunderous slap and said you have #100 and you dress like the governor son you must be stupid I will deal with you today.
Finally,we arrived an uncompleted building in that rain there I met people and I wonder the kind of exercise and food the take to be huge like that or is the generation of goliath still alive after interrogating me the said he can't waste his fuel that I must pay for the fuel money as I told them that my mom is jobless and I do steemit to support my education the shouted Steemit,you must be a Yahoo boy,like this you don't look creative,I try explaining to the I received another thunderous slap that made me feel unconscious.The took my mom's number from my Motorola phone I ask her to pay 500k but she pleaded that her last money is 60k and it was to be our house rent,the took turn to be beating me and snatch by wrists band,watch and phone later in the night I was bundle to an unknown location with severe pains from beating after that know I got scared of strangers and this is the stranger I won't forget.


Nicely writen

Thank for your participation

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