Dangerous - a story

Mister Johnson sat behind his desk. He did not do anything special but kept up the pretence that he was busy. He had learned that a messy desk makes a positive impression. Therefore, his desk was rarely tidy. The cleaning lady disliked him for it, but he did not care. He reaped the benefits and those benefits were in his bank account every week. As long as people thought he was doing the work of three, he got paid for two and received a bonus twice a year. The money was neatly placed in a brown envelope and handed to him with a firm handshake. Johnson was happy with it because what was in the envelope was tax-free and he always spent it on something on his wish list. Desires Johnson still had like eternal youth. That eternal youth, he had read, was now a reality. All it took was money and a couple of healthy, young children. Children were the future and this was proving to be the case. The young, healthy child injected or implanted in an old man was the key to eternal youth.
He already had his eyes on the children and had even made contact with them. No, he did not ask them to come and look at his bunnies or kittens, nor did he ask them to have a balloon. He let them do some small chores or if they did a trick, he gave them a little something. A biscuit, a sweet, some money, a kind word, a pat on the back or a thumbs-up. When he did that, their faces would shine and they were very fond of him. He was fond of them too. A child is easy to make happy, he thought to himself. In his mind, he counted the money he had saved. With a bit of luck, he would have saved the required amount by the end of the month. That would be good because the school holidays had begun and the children would be playing in the streets every day.
After work, he walked past the address that had been sent to him by e-mail. The white building in the distance looked modern. The lawn was mowed and there was a large fence around the plot. He continued towards the gate, studying the sign which read 'MH private property. Unauthorised access is prohibited. Dangerous territory.
Dangerous, he thought, what is dangerous about a lawn. I don't see any dogs walking around and there doesn't seem to be any security either.
In his mind, he stood there for a while, but it remained silent. The grounds looked neat but deserted
Smart, he thought, even I don't dare go through the fence. What a warning sign does to the human brain. In a little over two weeks, he would be here again with the children. When he would go through the fence again, everything would be different.


Prompt 'dangerous territory' provided by @mariannewest

Link: https://steemit.com/hive-161155/@mariannewest/day-1675-5-minute-freewrite-tuesday-prompt-dangerous-territory

Photo: https://pixabay.com/photos/children-sisters-cute-girls-1869265/

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