Day 2 of the 9010 Challenge

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Hi everyone! This is @tomogiroe.
As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to participate in the 9010 Challenge by Brother Bo Sanchez.

I know that this challenge was supposed to be a seven-day challenge. But I did not post anything yesterday. I also know that there is no valid excuse for not writing anything, but I'm going to say it anyway.
Yesterday, I got home late. I was so exhausted that I went straight to bed. @kneelyrac persuaded me to write, but I don't have the energy anymore. I slept instead. There were many things to thank for, though.
So I'm going to continue the challenge.

Today is Day 2. And here are my 9010 blessings:

  • I woke up early and was not late to work.

File_001.jpegOur view every morning. (if it's not raining.)

  • I received a gift from a friend, and I loved it.

File_003.jpegMy name is Argine though. 😅

  • I was able to eat carrots.

File_002.jpegThis is a meal prepared by a friend from work. (Fun fact about me: I hate the taste of carrots.)
But this time, I loved it!

  • I got to appreciate the breeze from our building's fifth-floor parking area.

File_000.jpegI was able to let my emotions out because of the tranquility of the moment. Emote emote ba!

  • When I got off from work, I also got to appreciate the great weather.

Taken outside Ayala Center Cebu.

  • I was able to go to the mall and enjoy their terraces.

File_006.jpegThank you to my ever-supportive friend and photographer. 😘

  • I was able to eat my favorite spaghetti.

File_008.jpegAnother fun fact about me:
Jolly Spaghetti is my go-to food in Jollibee. Any meal will do as long as there's jolly spag included. And I don't share my spag with anyone. I only ever shared my spag with 4 people. @kneelyrac and her boyfriend, @naejharys, and my ex-boyfriend.

  • I spent some time with Caryl Keen. ♥
Taken at Ayala Terraces.
Taken at Jollibee.

  • We got home safe and sound.

File_009.jpegI almost immediately lied down in bed. Almost. 😁

Time flies fast. I already forgot most of the things that I did today.

Today's prayer:

Almighty Father in heaven, I thank You once again for giving me another chance to live and experience Your overflowing grace. I thank You for my life and the lives of the people that I hold dearly in my heart. I also thank You for the challenges that You gave to me. For I know that through these tests, I will see how strong of a woman You made me.

I ask forgiveness for my mistakes. I know that I've made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions. But I want to lay everything up to You. I want to entrust to You all of my worries, fears, and sins. May You forgive me, may You forgive him, my family, and all my loved ones.

Father, I ask for Your guidance and protection for the coming days to come. Keep us away from accidents and all diseases, especially from this ongoing pandemic. Heal the hearts of those who are in distress, and touch those who are broken-hearted. Please give us the courage and strength to wake up and face another day with Your guidance and mercy.
Lead us back to You, and may we never get tired of praising You.

All these we ask, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

And that was all for the second day of my 9010 Challenge. See you next time.

P.S. I also wanna thank @steemitphcurator for featuring me on their blog and for welcoming me to the Steemit Philippines community. Kahit hindi Filipino language yung post ko. Thank you so much po! ♥

This is @tomogiroe, once again.

Peace in! ♥

 4 months ago 

Balik ka na po. 😊

Huhuh i will, one day

 4 months ago 

Maraming salamat sa tiwala at suporta.😇

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