Steemit Philippines Engagement Challenge: Theme of the Week: FAVORITES - "Favorite Song" 🎶🎶🎵

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Good day Steemit Philippines!

Last week we started our new challenge/contest which will encourage our members and visitors to be more active both in posting and engagements through comments, that is why we decided to continue this initiative for the outcome is good as we received more engagements within a week. Starting today, we have some changes from the challenge/contest, for more information please read this announcement until the end.


We are pleased to introduce our new challenge in which we encourage all our members and visitors to participate and do some engagements, we called this as "Steemit Philippines Engagement Challenge" in which every week we have a specific theme to comment or do a posts but make sure to comment it on the challenge post to be eligible for the challenge. We make it every two days to have a longer time for the engagements.

📌About the Engagement Challenge:

We want our members to be active in both posting and commenting in order to increase engagement within the community, which is why we created and introduced this new Challenge to everyone. We give our members easy and simple ideas of what to posts using this new challenge.

Their will be a specific theme every week to which our members are encourage to comments or create a post based on the theme provided and to be consider as entry it should be a quality comment and must meet the requirements below. This is every two days this means the first theme will start today, Monday and will close after two days and so on until Saturday.

The goal of this new Challenge is simply to let our members to be more active and will encourage even those inactive to back again, and it will also helps the entire Steemit platform as a whole.

📝What are the rules?

  1. Original and Quality Comment. Do not copy from other comments shared.
  2. Minimum of at least 50 words.
  3. Share at least 1 picture/video in every theme provide (If you don't own the picture please source it properly).
  4. Optional: Invite your friend to participate by mentioning them.
  5. Comment direct or you can create a blog/post based on the theme of the day then required to comment on the Challenge Post Announcement to be eligible. (Posts you created can be recommended for booming if it meets all the requirements for booming support.)


Specific Subject: FAVORITE SONG

We all have favorite songs to listen for sometimes it will encourage us every time we have struggles in life, it will even calm down in time were stressed and it can also a song to give praises and thanksgiving to God. We'd like to know and listen to what is your favorite songs for us to listen and be inspired.

You can share any songs you like to share with us in different genre and language.

Note to those who will created a blog/post based on the theme provided. 📝

  • Don't forget to include your Club Status - #club5050, #club75, or #club100 - and use it as your first tag. Be sure you are eligible for either of the three to receive support from booming aside from getting the chance to win STEEM.

Use the following tags: #favsong #steemph-contest #writing

🏆 Prizes:

  • All qualified entries are winners in which they will equally divide the Prize Pool of 4 STEEM plus we will upvote the comments ranges from 50%-65% based on the quality of the comment.
  • At the end the week we will gather all the Engagements Challenge in one post and will going to choose the Best Commenter of the Week who will receive a prize of 5 STEEM plus 1,000 STEEM POWER for a Week to be announced every Sunday.

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 last year 

"Take Me Out Of The Dark" by Gary Valenciano is one of my most favourite songs of all time. Not just because it is a Godly song but also it is very meaningful to me. During my lowest time, I used to play this song because the lyrics really hit me. For me, this is my best therapy when life knocks me down. I have this personality of being an introvert that I always handle problems all by myself because I don't bother anyone else. I came up with a remedy to lessen my depression by listening to Godly music and there I discovered this song. So try to reflect each lyric of the song and you would probably relate to my feelings.

Untitled 1.png

 last year (edited)

And just continue to talk to Him in prayer ma'am,sa kanya mo lang ilabas ang bigat na naramdaman mo ma'am.

Napakinggan ko na pala ang favourite song mo sa youtube sis ang ganda, nagustuhan ko rin sis, add ko na din yan sa playlist ko hihihi. Thank you for sharing your favourite song ma'am. I like it lalo pa isa sa gusto ko na singer si Gary Valenciano din hihihi

 last year 

Hehehe.. naiyak talaga ako sa comment mo sis. Alam mo talaga na may dinadala ako na mabigat. Yes! every time na ma remember ko yung mga bagyo sa buhay ko, pinapakingan ko lang sya.

 last year 

Yes sis nabasa ko yung content mo about your storm, hindi kita makalimutan simula noon. Hihihi. Laban lang sis, tanong ko lang ano pala name ng two year old son mo? Ako may two year old son din Exo naman name nya hihihi.

 last year 

hahaha don't want to share my storm here but I just want to let it out. hehehe. My son's name is Kristoff sis. Exo is a nice and unique name.

 last year 

I also loved this song , and I always listening this song. It keeps my mind peaceful and calm.

 last year 

Correct sis, each line of this song soothes my inner soul. My anguish disappears for the meantime while listening to this.

 last year 

Hello everyone, I would like to share my post about this engagement challenge. Each of us has different kinds of favorite songs. We always played or sometimes sing of it. For this challenge, I will share my ideas about my favorite song I choosed and it contains a deep meaning that reflects our daily lives. In order to know about my ideas, Kindly click the link below.


Best regard to ate @jurich60, ate @amayphin and @jessmcwhite. Hope to see your engagement posts. ☺️☺️

 last year 

Ge search ko ito kanina sis at yung with lyrics ang pinaplay ko. Ang ganda ng lyrics. Thank you for sharing your favourite song sis. Nakakatuwa dahil napakinggan ko rin sa youtube music ang favourite song mo sis.

 last year 

Di ba ang ganda.. meaningful ang kanta. 😊😊

 last year 

I have many favourite songs but this is the only one I will share with you all.

The title is "Peace In Christ" why is it my favourite? Because of the beat of the music and above all the lyrics "He gives us hope when hope is gone. He gives us strength when we can't go on."

Which is true and I testify that is true, proven and tested in my ups and down in life.

I want you to hear it too, please play and listen to it on YouTube.

Hello, there ma'am @lonelylover, bro @yansk09, sissy @jessmcwhite, ma'am @jes88, ate @me2selah may I know your favourite song too by sharing here at the engagement challenge by steemitphilippines community? Thank you. I'm excited to listen to your favourite songs too.
Screenshot_20230131_101601.jpgThis photo attached from youtube is my screenshot. Ang version ng mag ama ang fave ko talaga

 last year 

Ganahan sad ko ana sis. Cute kaayo ang bata nga ng kanta ana. Dako na cgoro na xa karon.

 last year 

Bitaw nuh basin ug young women na sya karon hihihi.

 last year 

Truly this song really touches my soul. Thank you for sharing and inviting sis, I'll comment mine too.

 last year 

I will try to watch and listen to this song.

 last year 
The theme for this week is a true standout for me - favorites! Asking members to share their favorite songs is a captivating way to get to know each other on a more personal level and to be moved by one another's musical inclinations. I eagerly anticipate discovering the diverse array of songs that members will share and possibly finding some new favorites of my own.

Now, allow me to share with you my favorite song and the story behind it.


The song "Afraid for Love to Fade" by Jose Mari Chan holds a special place in my heart. It was the first song I ever serenaded my now-wife with when we were just dating.

I was invited to attend her family's home evening activity, and as I sat amongst her loved ones, I nervously strummed my guitar and began to sing the first few chords of the song. As I continued to sing, I saw her eyes light up with surprise and emotion, a moment that has remained ingrained in my memory.

Every time I hear the song, I am transported back to that night and reminded of the love that brought us together. Singing that song to her was a pivotal moment in our relationship, and it will always hold a special significance for both of us.

 last year 

Ayeeee ako ay kinilig sa kwento na ito. Para akong nanood lang ng kdrama hahaha.

Add nako ni sa akong playlist imong favourite song, ganahan kaayo ko akong gipaminaw sa youtube hihihi nya Jose Mari Chan ay one of my favourite singer too.

 last year 

Thank you kaayo :) Oo nice man mga kanta niya gud. :)

 last year 
 last year 

Please follow the instructions, you must comment at least 50 words and at least 1 picture came from your post.

 last year 

We can still consider this as entry but please follow instructions in the next challenge.

 last year 


All comments/engagements below this announcement is no more qualified for the Challenge.

We have a total of 5 Official Entries from our second Challenge with the theme: Share your Favorite Foods Challenge.

Thank you @gemeex, @jurich60, @aehryanglee, @lonelylover and @yansk09.

They will equally divide the total Prize Pool of 4 STEEM, they will equally receive 0.8 Steem each.

Congratulations to all! 🎉

A new Challenge will be announce soon.

All prizes already sent.


 last year 

Thank you very much..

 last year 

Thank you so much steemitph. I'm excited for the next theme. Ano na naman kaya? Hihihi. Waiting!

 last year 

Thank you :)

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 last year 

I would love to join.

Greetings, friends. I want to share my favorite song, in which there is a piece of my heart, how it happened, you will find out by reading my post, the link to which I shared. Blessed day to you! I wish you to boldly share the creativity that is in your soul, the music and songs that are on your ear.
Sometimes, after many years, we can forget what exactly we liked many years ago and, after reading our post, we can again bring back past, but pleasant memories. Blessed day to you!

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