Steemit Philippines Community Contest : Sweetest Memories - 30 Steem Worth of Prizes

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Hello Beautiful People of Steemit Philippines!

How are you all? In relation to this week's holiday, the "All Soul's Day", our community is hosting another contest entitled "Sweetest Memories". Share to us in a post a sweet memory or memories you had with your late grandparents, parents, pets, friends or relatives. This is a way of remembering our loved ones who had died.


  • This contest is open to all verified members of our community, if you are not verified yet, then submit your Verification post.
  • Create a post about a sweetest memory with someone you dearly loved who already passed away. ( No plagiarized content allowed).
  • Post should be 300 words or more.
  • Please include the following tags, #steemexclusive, #sweetestmemories, #steemitphilippines.
  • Comment down your entry below.
  • Share your entry on your social media account and invite at least 3 of your Steemit friends.


First prize: 15 steem
Second prize: 10 steem
Third prize: 5 steem

All qualifying entries will receive a consolation prize and a chance to be submitted for booming support.

Contest starts- October 30 until Nov 6, 2022


Let's have fun and post your entries now!

Maligayang Pasko sa ating lahat!

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Contest initiated by: @me2selah


The Steemit Philippines Team.


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Wow! I am so interested with this contest. Hope I could post my entry soon.

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 2 years ago 

Reminiscing the past, and remembering those happy moments with our departed loved ones is such a wonderful thing to do, keep your entries coming in!

 2 years ago 

The sweetest kanamg gihulmigas

 2 years ago 

Sweet memories but a painful one. I will just read your posts. I may not able to write it. Let it be stored in my heart where I can reminisce with my thoughts when I want to. Writing it down though it's SWEET, there is always a STING-LIKE agony that aches continuously and I can't help crying.

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