Steemit Philippines Photography Contest Week #5 - Filipino Food Photography : "The Famous TUSLOB BUWA"

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Isang napakagandang araw po sa inyong lahat! Ako'y nagagalak sapagkat ako'y naanyayahan sa patimpalak na ito. And being a food lover(kahit di masyadong marunong magluto), I would love to share my story.


Last October 5, the teachers were celebrating the "WORLD's TEACHER's DAY". They gave credit to all the sacrifices and hardships the teachers has shown. So, being one of those teachers, me and my friend @fabio2614 treated our self for a job well done..


Since our workplace is just near the Mactan Business Centre, after our work we immediately visited the place. By the way, that centre was owned by the auntie of my cousin-in-law. And that centre has photoshop, apartelle, different stall, clubhouse and of course the foodcourt.


We went straight to the foodcourt because Fabio is craving something she don't know. We took 20 minutes to choose what to eat. And we ended up choosing "The Famous TUSLOB BUWA" since she haven't tasted it yet and she wanted to try.


They named their store as BARKADA Unlimited Tuslob Buwa. "Barkada" is a filipino term of group of close friends sharing the same interest. They called it Barkada since the owner of it were bestfriends since highschool. And it just happen that they are highschool friend of my husband.


We ordered the following:

No. of PcsFoodPrice in Php
1 PcUnlimited Tuslob Buwa120php
2 pcsNgohiong30php
2 pcsMango Shake150php

We paid 320php sa lahat na aming inorder.

To tell you how to cook it, here's how it is:

Step 1:

Painitin ang frying pan at lagyan ng kauntinh mantika.

Step 2:


Lagyan ng bawang and wait hangang sa magkagolden brown sya.

Step 3:

Ilagay ang iba pang spices at imix ng mabuti.

Step 4:

Ilagay ang utak ng baboy. Yes guys, Tuslob Buwa is made up of Pig's Brain.

Step 5:

Ilagay ang pinaghalong cornstarch at tubig. At ito ang magsisilbing bula sapagkat kapag itoy kumukulo ito'y bumubula.

Step 6:


Lagyan din ito ng kaunting patis nang magkalasa.


Tedeen! At ito na po guys, ready na ang "puso" para idip sa ginawang "bula". By the way "tuslob" means "to dip" and "buwa" means" bubble.

And here's our other order...






I really had a great time with this lady. Where infact, wala nang ibang bukambibig kundi steemit lang. Insert na lang kay mam @abby0207 work from home kasi siya. Pagpasensyahan mo na mam, I just granted our friend's craving... Alam mo na...

I invite @mrs.cuyag, @steemitcebu, and @rosevillariasa to share their entry here and set 20% to @steemitphcurator as their benefactor.

Thank you and have a great day!




By the way team, I added 50sp as my delegation to make it 100sp. Soon dadagdagan ko pa ito para maipakita ko ang aking supporta sa ating community. God bless po!

The Food Lover,



About the Author

Aloha! @kyrie1234 is a Public Highschool Teacher handling in Grade 9 Math. She is the adviser of Grade 9- Special Science Class. She has a daughter who is 2 years old. She loves to explore the world and see its wonders. She wants to learn cooking and baking. She also loves different artworks and admires them. Again, thank you for the support.

Achievement 1 Entry

 last year 

makahinumdom man pud ko sa ako first time kaon sa tuslob buwa maam nga di ko kabalo moluto haha

 last year 

haha paassist raman pud gale mi... Haha

 last year 

hahaha bitaw maam nice pud siya na experience ba

 last year 

tama po

 last year 

Wow, I love lumpia and tempura but haven't tasted tuslob buwa.

 last year 

lami mam😄

 last year 

Do you want to have a try on it mam?

 last year 

Haha! Unya nalang kanang gutom na kaayu.

 last year 

haha... Kaon na pud raba ta ugma

 last year 
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1. Relevance to the theme.9.8
2. Creativity.9.8
3. Technique.9.5
4. Overall impact.9.8
5. Story quality.9.7
6. Total.9.72
 last year 

Wow! Amazing... Thank you for that poits sir...

 last year 

Lami jud ni ang tuslob buwa. Unya bilib kaau kos akong student sauna kay naa nay iyang tuslob buwa diri sa among barangay. Suyaa nako oy. Naa nay negosyo.

Lami kau maam makalaway.

 last year 

lage sir, lami jud. Nindot na student, naai pangandou

 last year (edited)
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Karon pako naka kita aning tuslob buwa pero murag lami pud sya ba...

 last year 

yes sir. Lami jud sya, at first murag nagduhaduha pako but when I already tried it, lami jud sya. Good thing unlimited sya pwede ka parefill

 last year 

sana all kaayo mam

 last year 

nganu man mam?

 last year 

Pildi na dayon ang unang mga entry. awh!

 last year 

ka lami man ani maam 😊😊😊

 last year 

wa baya ko katilaw ani maam. hehe pero ingon nila lami daw. :D

 last year 

yes dam lami. At first mahadlok ko mokaon nya but later on ok raman diay sya. Safe ra, if dli nimu family imo kakuyog like imo colleagues ibutang lang ang sauce sa imo plato

 last year 

mutry nia mi ani Maam if makachance gawas.

 last year 

taga asa gale ka madam?

 last year 

dri sa bacayan, cebu city. duol talamban.

 last year 

Naa kay kaila Magda Levina dra?

 last year 

Wa ra ba Maam. Taga asa mana sya?

 last year 

bakayan pud rafols apilyedo

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