How do you spend your holiday?

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Good day steemit friends!

Are you happy when its holiday? If you ask me? I am more than happy when I heard the word "HOLIDAY".

As a working mam, working in 2nd shift (9:30am to 6:30pm), it is so hard for me to have quality time with my princess and let her enjoy outside. Yes we can have quality time even in our room but it is different whenever we will go out and see something new.


So, whenever its holiday I always see to it that we will go out, do some window shopping and dine out.

But before we went out, I see to it that I was able to do some household chores so that when we will be home, everything is set. So, I woke up early and do the laundry. I just handwash a basket of clothes (uniforms and white shirts) and the rest we send it to the laundry shop. I didn't send everything because of some reasons.

After washing, I took a rest for an hour had our lunch then went out.

We first went to Ayala because my hubby had an appointment for his future work (God willing). Afterwards, we went straight to SM City Cebu.

And since we felt a little bit hungry, we went to our alltime favorite fastfood-the Greenwich. Everytime we went out, we always chose this or Jollibee because aside from its affordable they also serve a perfect combo perfect for our hungry tummy.


We ordered lasagna combo and spaghetti combo with rice, chicken, drinks and pizza. And we only paid 450php. The price is really worth it.


After eating, we stroll around and let Matheena enjoy the spacious mall.


We also went to Biboo and let her enjoy there. We paid 150php for the tokens and let her enjoy the different rides and games there. And what she enjoyed most is the digital bowling. She will really shout whenever she hit all the bottles.

Indeed, our holiday is memorable.

Hope there are are still more holiday with pay🥰😍

That's all for now. Thank you and have a great day!


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Thank you very much. Na katilaw nasad ko ni uno. maka inspire ug buhat...

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lage madam, nihinay2 na sya ug balik. Mana guro ug bakasyon😅

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