Steemit Philippines Christmas Series Contest: Christmas Carol - Oh Holy Night Cover by @jurich60

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Hello everybody,


Last night while drafting my Diary game post about past 10 pm, I read the posted link about this Christmas Carol Contest in one of the Group Chat where I belong. I find it exciting to sing Christmas song. I hurriedly finished my Diary Game blog and posted it past midnight already. I still can't sleep so I decided to video myself and record the song Oh Holy Night, timing my patient, hubby, was asleep already.

I chose my wardrobe first, the crocheted purple headcover and the off shoulder top but behind the scene, sweat to chose what to wear. When everything was ready, I went outside the house and started singing with headset. Ho my gosh! Our dog cried a mournful cry! I was a little afraid, it was good our surrounding was well lighted, when I checked the time oh my it was almost 2am already. But, I must record this song, so I went on, take two. This time I was stopped again because the 8 puppies surrounded me and licking my feet, very noisy. Mama Mia! I got our pellet gun and pulled the trigger, they all ran away. Take three! In between recording, the geckos (tuko) sounded, hahaha! My funny moments, I almost quit. Take 4: this time I was sleepy already. I open my eyes wide open then record again. Whoa, I finished the song without interuption! Success! What a night, really a holy night, ajejeje!

Here is my Christmas Carol dedicated to you all my Steemian friends.

Let me include here my wish for Christmas 2022. I WISH my sons and daughters together with their wife or husband and children can have a get together. As you may know, we have 8 adult children. The eldest daughter with one son, youngest daughter with one daughter and one son - our first son are staying in Olongapo City. Our 2nd daughter is in Lapu-Lapu City with two daughters and 1 great granddaughter. Our 2nd son a widow with one son on his 2 nd wife is in La Union then his two sons and 1 daughter of his first marriage is living also in Olongapo City to his deceased wife family. Our 3rd son(single parent) is with us together with his son. Our 3rd daughter is in Morong, Bataan living together with her 5 children while our youngest son is living in Bulacan. You see they are scattered. As a mother am like a hen loves that all her chicks stays under her wings. This gathering will be costly but still praying that we can find ways so that my Wish will be granted.

Thank you Steemit Philippines for this Christmas Series. I am inviting @aideleijoie @adajamaima @jewel1989

Thanks for dropping by...


 6 months ago 

Wow! how cool is that we have the same wish mother dearest. It has been my dream fir all of us to be together on Christmas. I know it will happen this year. When we ask with the real intent and from the heart, God will answer it so no worries, It is DONE! wish granted!!!!

I am laughing while reading about all the mishaps you've had while trying to record your Oh Holy Night song...... Did you remember I sang this at my Elementary school Christmas singing contest when I was in grade three and I won!!😄 Out of all the 12 contestants because there were two representatives per grade level.
This song will forever be in my heart!😍🥰 I am glad you chose this and sang it , take four!!😄

 6 months ago 

Hahaha I forgot about your contest in your elementary days. Hmm, the same song.

 6 months ago 

Natawa ako ng husto sa mga istorbo habang kumakanta ka. Imagine you have 4 takes on this video because of those annoying circumstances, but you made it through. Its was literally a Holy Night! Good luck 🐎

 6 months ago 

Thank you I almost quit talaga sana.

 6 months ago 

makatawa ko sa mga distractions Ate . hehe Sana makamit nio po yung wish nio na magkasama-sama mga anak nio at ang pamilya nila.

 6 months ago 

Hahaha grabe gyud na distraction, yeah, thanks ipagkaloob may financial capability ang lahat para ma grant akong wish.

 6 months ago 
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Maraming salamat po.🙂

Visayas Mod

 6 months ago 

Thank you much for accepting my post entry.

 5 months ago 

wow galing! Advance Merry Christmas po mam!

 5 months ago 

Merry Christmas din Sir

 5 months ago 

Wow Praise the LORD stay blessed ate @jurich60, your such a wonderful mother of all your kids!

 5 months ago 

Thank you @dodzz at salamat sa pag dropped by

 5 months ago 

Your welcome po God bless you!

Nice entry my friend, i wish you success in the contest 👍

Your post is beautifully done and motivating! I must say after watching and listening you sing in couple of your posts that you are a great singer. My best wishes,
Note- I will come back to wish you Marry Christmas later next month.

 5 months ago 

This post just made me realise Christmas is a lot closer than i first thought.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful song with us.

 5 months ago 

Thank you Sis for dropping by...

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