#burnsteem25 #club75 Diary Game 8.23.2022 Paddle boating by the lake with family

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Family time is always a fun time!

It is fun to travel with family and specially when we do things together for the first time. It was our first time to try paddle boat and also my first time to see a wide lake.

It was actually my niece's idea to try paddle boat since we haven't tried it. Though I am a little bit scared because I can't swim and the vest does not promise to save me as I looked at it, it wasn't that great. Well, there were life guards ready to jump and swim to save people... then it gives me confidence to try it.


To my niece courageous spirit, she was the one who tried it first together with my sister @sweetspicy. She looks having fun while getting ready to paddle boat. The staff gives instructions on how to maneuver the boat. Actually it is very easy. They having fun as I looked from afar.

Then next pair was my sister Rose and the kid who came with us. He's just 10 years old but very brave to try to all the activities we had as well as the zipline, but sad to say we didn't allowed him because we didn't have his parents consent. The boy's name was Kyle and he's very smart and able to understand instructions quickly and beside he also good in swimming so no worries for my sister who's scared but loves to experience the boating.


Then here comes next pair, me and my husband @steemitcebu. I am glad to have him at all times especially during paddle boating. Though the vest we had wasn't that great for me but for sure my husband could save me when the boat sinks. Well, those are just thoughts that I had, the boat will sink but for sure in reality it won't. Less chances that it would happen as long as we just be sitting and knows how to maneuver the boat.


We pay 50 pesos or roughly 3.5 steem per person for 30 minutes use of the boat. It's cheaper and lots of fun. Having 30 minutes for the activity is already a lot of time and for sure the experienced we had was priceless and the memories are sweet to remember. The weather was kind to us on that day. The sky was very clear and beautiful. It was just a perfect day to try new adventures with family.

I am inviting @bisayakalog @lealtafaith @mrs.cuyag to share your adventure with us.

 5 months ago 

Wala pasad ko kasulay anah sis @georgie84 nindot e try anah sad. Enjoy jud kaayo mo dinha ai og sulit kaayo ang price sa boat .

 5 months ago 

Mao jud sis. Hopefully you can try sab with your family.

 5 months ago 

Asa na dapita sis?

 5 months ago 

Lake danao sa camotes island sis

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 5 months ago 

Thank you po!

 5 months ago 

Naka try mi ani sauna sa Danao lake maam. Morag mao ni nga place. Unya sige mi ug katawa kay green kaayo ang lake basin naay buaya.

 5 months ago 

Sa lake danao sa camotes jud na sir nya naa sab sila mga buaya didto sa ilang mini zoo. Kuyaw kaayu maka buhi

 5 months ago (edited)

ka enjoy gud ani oi! gusto pud ko mutry ani.

 5 months ago 

Pohon sis hopefully maka try sab ka

 5 months ago 

Looks fun! and good there's life jacket! Php 50 is a tempting price so it can't be missed!

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Luzon Mod,

 5 months ago 

Hello po, as I've checked my club status before I posted, i am already eligible for club75. Please let me know if the app I'm using isn't giving me a true update. Salamat po

 5 months ago (edited)

hi ate! i checked that sa tomoyan app shows it's looking good but sa tool gamit ni curators mao ni ang nakabutang:
it must be 75% sa 2 months...

let me know if you have clarifications ate.. mao ni akong gigamit n link: http://steemit.lovestoblog.com/clubstatus.php?author=georgie84&months=2

 5 months ago 

If this is the case, fellow steemians should be oriented well on what tool or app we are going to use in monitoring our transfers and power ups. 16 days ago you replied in my post on what tool to be used in order to check my club status and I did it. Not knowing there's another gauge for leveling up. This is very discouraging especially to those steemians (newbies and not fully active) who want to power up more and go to next level of #club_.

 5 months ago 

i understand where you are coming from ma'am.. actually, that was the tool I used before because I thought it was showing the right information.. but then I verified it with the team and found that that specific tool is not reflecting the correct status of the club level...

 5 months ago 

I think it should be suggested to the team that the community needs to be well informed (i know now on my part) on how to monitor our club status and other important matters for the growth of each steemian. I think this benefits people in the platform especially those who are eager to engage more.

Thanks for the clarification and information ma'am. Really appreciated!❤️

 5 months ago 

kanindot ani sister oi

 5 months ago 

Wow...super beautiful place 🥰

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