Steemit Philippines Photography Contest Week #3|Themed:Filipino Culture|PILGRIMAGE AND VISITA IGLESIA ON LENTEN SEASON

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Greetings of Good Health to the community!🙏🏻

These weeks themed for the communities photography contest is about Filipino culture and tradition and Im picking how we Filipinos value our religion especially on how we observed the holy week and my choice is in line in the upcoming celebration of the birth date of the Blessed Mama Mary on September 8.


These year marks the 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines,it was way back in 1951 when the Spanish explorers set foot on the Island of Cebu,celebrated a mass and planted the cross that symbolizes catholic faith,and the rest that follows is history.Celebrating the lenten season is a week long celebration in the Philippines,we begin in putting ashes on our forehead on Ash Wednesday,pilgrimage,way of the cross and Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday all the way to the quite black Saturday and festive easter Sunday.On Visita Iglesia,Filipino devotees from all walks of life visit and prays on seven churches to honor the blessed sacrament.Pilgrimage is also practiced by Filipino devotees on holy week,we visit shrines and monasteries to meditate,show penitence and give thanks to the lord for blessings and guidance specially these trying times.



  • Shot using: REALMI C112021
  • Focal Length:2.92
  • White Balance: AUTO
  • Aperture:2.0
  • Exposure Time:1/3300


A stolen photo of me taken by my friend using her phone while I was looking at the towering statue of Our Lady of Fatima on our pilgrimage these years holy week,now looking at the photo I have fully come to realize how small we are compare to the greatness,kindness and wisdom of the above.

The photo was taken during our visit to Discovery Hills,a must visit place for pilgrims who doesn't want to travel to the south of Cebu where the famous Simala Church founded by the Marian Monks of Eucharistic Adoration is located.

SRCDS Discovery Hills in Tilha-ong Consolacion,Cebu is an accessible place where in most devotees prefer to walk all the way to the steep slope of the hills where a huge statue of the Blessed Mary is situated it also has a station of the cross with the luscious view of the greeneries and mountains of Liloan.Its a place of worship and meditation because if its quiet ambiance.

Filipinos unique traits and outlooks of life were derived from different experiences encountered and of our faith and beliefs.In a country were most of its people are catholic,even a pandemic cant stop nor waver to show gratefulness to the creator.Our faith makes us resilient,strong and hopeful for the days to come because we believe here is someone out there watching and guiding us and someone we can talk and rely on-that is how deeply rooted we are in catholicism in our culture and Filipino tradition

Allow me to invite @marlon82,@reyarobo anf @badz03 to showcase Filipino Culture they will introduce.

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Hello po,

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God Bless po!!!

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Filipinos are really well known of being a religious devotee of every sacred replica. That's great dai, for being so religious person.

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