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First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who has supported my arts and crafts, especially here in the Hive & Steemit community; I should say that I learned a lot from you. And I was also able to fund many things in my life, including the charity that I started at @creativestreet. With the help of @deveerei and many Filipino writers and Creator, a community grew here. I meet many people. I hope to meet some of you in person too!

I recently came back from a long hiatus, and I am thankful to find a Filipino community here on the Steemit platform.

And I think I have been reborn. Digitally


So here we go:

I am Gini Aala, they call me like that, sometimes Gin / Djinn / Gene ~

I love my name as it means the Beginning.


I was born in 1993. and I am working as an engineer now, although I might not look like one, I really love my job. It's one of my favourite thing to do in life, aside from painting and biking. I also love to dye my hair in random colours. I love talking to people, but sometimes it drains me, but I still love to listen.


Introducing Travertine Tiles.jpg

I have been into art ever since I was a child. My parents said that I started to hold scissors and pencils and drew them on every house wall. Now I can say that I am an artist not by profession but by passion. I had art exhibits here in our place; most are within Metro Manila and Cavite.

I love to paint using acrylic and oil. My favourite subjects are women's faces and small animals. In 2018 I discovered the beauty of using Earth colour palettes and using textured backgrounds. And I put my love for the frogs here on my paintings.

Aside from traditional paintings, I also love doing digital portraits; I use Procreate and Photoshop now. Before, I only use mobile applications like Medibang and Sketchbook.


I guess everyone in us craves an adventure. I bought my first bike last year to fulfil this dream. And I go to some forest-like places, some of them have enchanted rivers and rock formations, most of them have beautiful trails. I love to spend my free days in forests and feel the trees and earth talking to each other.


I started a group called Creative Street (@creativestreet) in May of 2018. It is a collective of young Filipino artists and volunteers aiming to teach and share skills via art workshops and outreach programs to the Filipino youth, especially to the street children and out-of-school youth. We have conducted number of workshops with the help of many people in and outside the Steemit community!


I love capturing the sky, especially sunsets and twilight. It is the most magical time of the day for me. It feels like the sun is calling me. I also love capturing portraits of my friends.


I had a lot of realizations when I was alone walking or biking, especially during twilight. I say them aloud, but I forgot some details when I am about to write them down. I also wanted to record myself while I'm in the zone of musing, but I forget about it, so when you see my musings here on Hive, it's a miracle~

I guess that's all I can share for now. I hope to know you as well


Here's my other social links:

Vlogs for Adventure and Art :

Art Instagram Account:

Twitter Account for NFT ART~

Art Facebook Page

Photography Facebook Page

Thank you for dropping by!

Have a nice day

Always remember to save and save and save all your passwords! HAHA

 3 years ago 

Mabuhay at Congratulations dahil isa ang post na ito sa napiling recommendation post para sa @booming upvote sa araw na ito. Maghintay na lang po bukas o higit pa kung natanggap ang post mo.

Sa karagdagang impormasyon, paki bisita po ang ating Community Account at ibang Social Media Accounts.

Maraming Salamat po!!!

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 

Im very excited to see more posts from you. I have almost the same interests with you. So, I’m going to follow you. God bless!

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much !!!! I'll follow you too <3

 3 years ago (edited)

Magandang hapon sayo kaibigan, ikinagagalak ko na maging kabahagi ka ng @steemitphilippines. 😊

 3 years ago 

Maraming salamat po :D

 3 years ago 

Walang anuman po kaibigan @aalagenesis. 😊

 3 years ago (edited)

Hello @aalagenesis,
Mabuhay! Ikinagagalak ko ang inyong pagsali at pag pa verify sa komunidad na ito sana maging aktibo kayo dito.

Pakibasa po ito para malaman mo ang wastong paggamit ng mga tags sa Steemit Philippines,

Maraming Salamat.
Inyong lingkod,
MOD, for Visayas.

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much po :D

 3 years ago (edited)

Hello there! This is such a great re-introduction about yourself with such elaboration. I am please to welcome you to the Steemit Philippines community.

I don't want to ruin the post when I should be asking for another photo to fully verify your account. Instead, I would just like to ask for you to share another photo as a reply from this comment to show yourself holding a piece of paper in an inclined manner and write these these words:
Steemit Philippines
and the date today.

Also please include "verification-luzon" in one of the tags too.

Thank you.
Looking forward to comply with these standards as I am absolutely sure you will be a great asset to the community. See yah around ^_^

 3 years ago 

Hello @fycee thank you for this :D Here's my verification photo :D


 3 years ago 

Hi there! Nice one! Verification accepted. Sali ka sa latest contest here in Luzon. Onboarding contest. 5,000 Pesos in Steem to be given away.

 3 years ago 

thank you so much po :)

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