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Not to be taken seriously, just thought of this idea and found it funny, lol!

My perfect ending of the Steem drama would be with both elected witnesses and Justin arriving to CONSENSUS. The only way that could happen if everyone lowered their egos and listened deeply to each other. Maybe its time everybody went to check out the Non-violent Communication Workshop that @ecoalex shared.

If no consensus is reached, I'm with the community and elected witnesses. Still, everybody should keep an open eye. You never know who you work for. There are agendas everywhere and you blink for a moment only to find yourself with strings attached and the puppeteers making you dance.

Meme put together by me.

Source for futuristic image.

Source for cavemen fighting.


Check out these great communities:


Power House Creatives _night mode.png







I feel like your illustration on top. This is no joke, it is reality! This fits well - Steemit is more like this right now:

Ha! Good song, wish it sounded in everybody's speakers right now!!


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Picks up a mirror and looks at damage done by 2 years in steem

Crypto is just a currency. Steem is a community with tyrannical creators and tribes that will pile on quick when you step over their border (imaginary line).

Not really my experience, but I've seen some witnesses behaving like spoiled kids. Complete inability to listen and understand other people's perspectives...

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