Steemit Engagement Challenge S3:W2 - Write a letter to your five-year-old self, telling him/her what you have learned so far by @temitopef

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Namaste dear Steemians. This is my first time here in this community and I'm so excited to be here, today I will be joining the contest organized by this community which is titled "Write a letter to your five-year-old self, telling her what you have learned so far". Go with me as I express myself to my very best friend and explain to her what I have learned so far.

Letter to My 5-Year Old Self

No 14 Orange, Ile-Ife,

Osun State,



Dear Five Years Old Temitope,

Hello sweetie, How are you doing? It is me, your older self, I am so excited to write this letter to you, you know you are the only true friend I can share everything I have experienced with, without the fear of being judged or expecting pity from you like others. Thanks for being so reasonable and loving at such a young age, Mom still loves us as much as she did then, she had sacrificed a lot for us so that we can live a good life.

I still don't eat snails, maybe because of your phobia for them back then, though I can touch them without being afraid but I have never tried tasting them and I don't know if that would change someday. Also, I still enjoy listening, singing, and dancing to Gospel music as much as before though I listen to other songs too. Many things have happened that I want to inform you about.

As you know that our responsibility is only on mom, things hadn't been rosy or easy for us but we are pushing through. Do you know I still do think of being you because of the problems, responsibilities, and stress of adulthood? Growing up has not been easy, Mom had to be involved in so many trades so that she can give us a good life and I had no choice but to hawk most of the trades.

It is somehow boring you know, go to school, after school you hawked, returned in the evening, did my assignments, ate dinner, and retired for the night, no fun moment at all. I thank God now because things have been changing for good.

I almost died in 2014 from back and waist pain illness that doctors cannot diagnose the causes, it took me more than 5 months on a sick bed but I kept my faith and hope strong in God that I will come out of the illness alive and in good condition because I don't want to disappoint you and mom by dying without fulfilling the promise of becoming a great person and achieving our dreams.

Furthermore, as for my Education, even though the school of nursing school fee stopped me from being a nurse but I still achieve one of my dreams of becoming a Medical Laboratory worker, though I have not gotten to the peak I want in the profession and I promise you that I would try harder to reach the peak of the profession.

Just so you know, I performed excellently well in college and was the top student of my class with overall CGPA, I know you do make a lot of friends, I still do up till now but I left some friends that can not add any benefit to my life.

I always do my best to assist mom by lessening all her responsibilities, I know right now she cannot do tedious works like before because of her health and I am doing my best to make sure we do not lack anything.

I had faced criticism and had been implicated by people, some weighed me down and I wept when I was not allowed to defend or express myself, but God being Almighty has always exposed the evil doer and vindicate me even though it might take a while. You know sometimes I had doubt and fear about what the future might bring but with the word of God, my trust, and my faith in God, I put my fear behind me, do my very best, and allow God to take control of everything.

My Advice for You

My first word of advice for you is that you put all your trust in God, take your time while growing because adulthood and its responsibility can be stressful and tiresome, and do one thing at a time and be yourself. Do not put all your trust in friends, trust only yourself and your immediate family, because friends can betray you and desert you in times of need.

Like mom do tell us, make friends with space for misunderstanding that is you don't tell your friends everything, tell them what cannot hurt you when it's being exposed because when you and yours friends have disagreement, they might use your words against you.

Be contented with who you are and what you have, work very hard to give yourself the best but please don't do any silly things or destroy yourself because you want to live big. Don't compare yourself with anyone, everything will work out at a God-appointed time.

Your tomorrow is greater than today. Anytime you are down and need encouragement just remember the word of God in Philippian chapter 4 verse 13 that says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Put your trust in God, work hard and heaven will be your limit.

Older Temitope picture and location

This is where I will be stopping my letter to you, I am so happy knowing I can write to you my love and I hope you will do just great, take note of my advice and have the best of life. I love you so much and thank you for being a great friend. Talk to you another time.

Yours Truly,


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The thing of eating snails ,woow! But any way in this world everything is eaten.
Your 5 year old is very proud of you for sure and she us lucky to have you.

All the best dear

Don't mind me, I would try eating it one day. Thank you so much for reading.

Wao! These advice are priceless. You have written form the wealth of experience you have already. I hope your five-year old self will need these advice. This is a beautiful write up dear. I wish you the very best in this contest.

Yes, I wrote the advice from what I have experienced, you know they said experience is the best teacher. Thank you for sharing on my post.

Wow amiga que hermosa carta, tu yo de 5 años estaría muy orgulloso de lo que has logrado y en lo que te has convertido, a pesar de las vicisitudes saliste adelante, siempre confiando en Dios.

Suerte en el concurso🤞

I give all glory to God over my life and my achievement. Thank you for engaging on my post

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Thank you for the upvote.

 2 months ago 

Wow is post is so beautiful
You've been through alot in your life but always pulled through at the end
God really has you in mind
Young Temitope will be very proud of the woman she'll become

Truly God has been so faithful to me, He is always there for me in every situation I found myself. Thank you for sharing.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome

Oh my gosh! You're letter to your old self is beautiful and touching. I never liked snails as a child and probably now I love them because I saw my best friend eating them and as I tried them I discovered how tasty they're.

Always continue helping mum in your older self ok.

Good luck my dear friend

Thank you so much for commenting on my post, I think I also will try eating snail some day.

Oh my temmy, see how beautiful you look, never seen your full picture before, oh my 🥰
your younger self will be more proud of what you have become, maybe your younger self will escape your illness, she must go through all this hardship you went through,

You have highlighted some advice that will keep her on the right path, and I am sure she will adhere to all of it

Thanks for sharing temitope

Awnnn 😊🥰, and you are making me blushing hard with this your compliment. Thank you for engaging on my post bro.

Why you con put bro for the reply
No bro zone me ooo😁

😂😂😂, am so sorry about that dear.

Great writeup fellow colleague @temitope. Your story is so touching. Amazingly, those who struggle with their fees always do extremely well in their academics. The good thing is that you still have to practice in the medical field.

Mom's advice are great ones indeed surely they made a good way and a good foundation for you. It's amazing to see you being the woman you always wanted to be. God is still your strength!🙏🏾

 2 months ago 

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Ewoo. You dont eat snails?

Hmm not too bad

But you have missed out for years o

Ahahaha 😂😂 people do tell me the same thing, I will try it one day.

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