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Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all have started planning your weekend.

Today I am here to share my day with you. Yesterday my brother called me and asked me to go with him to buy a smartwatch.

Every Thursday, my nephew attends his private tuition in my place.

During eid, my brother was busy due to his business, and now he gets some time after eid. So, I agreed to go with him.





(A very good morning to all my friends)


In the morning, I leave my bed early because in the second half of the day;
I already had a program to go outside.

So after refreshing myself and finishing my morning green tea.

After that, I complete some house errands. Let me inform you that for a few days, neither I am taking my breakfast or lunch.

So after finishing house chores, I went to take my shower.



(In this summer season we love to have Ice cream🍨)



In the afternoon, after finishing my bath;
I worshiped God and then started writing my post.

Because I knew that I would not get enough time in the evening. It takes time when I sit to write anything.

In between, my nephew called me because he was aware of purchasing a smartwatch;
so he sent me some pictures of some watches through WhatsApp.

Anyway, after talking with him, I continue my writing. Then I post my content inside my community.



(Went out with my brother to purchase smart watch)



After posting, I finished my evening tea and then got ready to go out.

First, we went to the Titan world to buy the watch;
but they have only three smartwatches left with them, and I believe that Titan is suitable for the regular watch;
But for smartwatches, I didn't prefer Titan.

We went to the nearest Star mall from the Titan showroom, but we couldn't see our preferred watch there.

After that, we decided that we would visit some other shop, and all of a sudden, I remembered a place where we could get the best smartwatch collection.

Unfortunately, doing these processes were taking time;
so I forgot to capture a few more photographs of the different watches.


(My brother's new smart watch)

Anyway, my brother, at last, chose a smartwatch for him. The watch costs rs.29,999($390.137).

It was a Samsung smartwatch, and without using a phone, a person can talk with that watch.

Apart from that, several other modern features are available in that watch.

After finishing the purchase, I reached home. Then I refreshed myself and started making curation posts for the community.





Then I convert my entire SBD into steem. After that, I power up my 75% of steem, and the rest I transfer to my binance account.

Then I finished my dinner and went to my bed. That's how I spent my day.

Thank you, friends, for spending your valuable time here. Keep continuing your visit and support. Stay connected with each other.
Stay blessed, happy, and healthy.

Cc:- @steemcurator01



 3 months ago 

Your brother's watch is very nice.
Your photography is also very good. The flowers of the bouquet are looking very cute. We get to learn every day from your posts. Told about steam power sub. And explained about it very well, thanks

 3 months ago (edited)

Thank you, for your visit and appreciation.
It is always gives me a feel good factors while reading your comment.
I am trying to maintain my club and for that reason I powered up my wallet so that I personally help a few friends here.


 3 months ago 

Yes you says right i also like this watch .

 3 months ago 

Your brother's watch looks amazing, @sduttaskitchen. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much for your visit and I will pass your message to my brother that you like the watch.


 3 months ago 

In the summer season the ice-cream is favorite choice of everyone, Thank you so much for sharing your valuable days with us and the watch is also looking so sexy. Also you doing your power-up. After see benefits of power-up I'm also doing my powerup for #club100

 3 months ago 

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 3 months ago 

Keep working hard like this, I will pray to God that you will soon reach double dolphin. Seeing your hard work, we also feel like doing better.

 3 months ago 

Thank you for your best wishes, it would be easier for those who are getting extract support from curators but I am not that lucky enough.
But trying hard that is only in my hand. Thank you again for your lovely comment.


 3 months ago (edited)

Sunita ji
But I don't get why people take such expensive watch. The clock only tells the time no matter how expensive it is. I think this watch will have a lot better features than expected. If you get time, you must share its features with us.

 3 months ago 

Yes, the watch have several mordern features as I mentioned one of them. This watch can work without cell phone, once you connect it with your mobile. If you forget to carry your mobile it will work like your cell do for you. Time is precious so if you spend money on time that means you value your time. That would be another reason for someone to purchase costly watch.


 3 months ago (edited)

This watch can work without cell phone, once you connect it with your mobile.

But When the mobiles are at some distance from the clock, it will get disconnected. Consumption of modern things makes a man lethargic.

But you says right 😅

Time is precious so if you spend money on time that means you value your time

 3 months ago 

No the watch' my brother bought that is different, of you forget your mobile at home and went somewhere it will still work, that is 2022 new version . It will not disconnect until you disconnect it. So once you connect your watch with your phone it will remain connected.


 3 months ago 


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