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in India Speaks3 years ago

Hello sir @steemcurator01 so sorry for our community got first case of Plagiarism yesterday .. Wanted to ask you should we ban the user in first warning??


Many communities give one warning first before banning.

Maybe check if the offender has been plagiarizing in other communities before deciding.

This is an interesting thing to follow up and discuss, I have a concept to integrate the entire community into the newcomers community, here all community members can grow and develop without plagiarism through early education about steem. User identification is important, and if this is done I am confident that the level of plagiarism can be reduced.

In a post about Community Synergy I have released, maybe you can see it here

I will not be able to implement this concept without your support, I believe that this verification will minimize the things that have been raised so far about plagiarism.

It is my hope that you can consider this concept of integration across communities if possible.

Wise advice, respect

 3 years ago 

Ok sir i look into her other posts ..

It should be, agree with you. By providing the opportunity not to repeat the wrong thing in the future.

On our community we don't go to banning at once. Actually, I don't really now is banning possible? We muted the post and We tried to educate them. The thing is some of these newcomers they just are not easy to teach. They don't seem to be able to spend some times to learn the rule. But if it was easy, where is the fun?

 3 years ago 

You are actually correct!

It is not easy to build and run a community because we need to provide members with knowledge, we need to educate them about do and don't. And since newcomers come every day, and some of them refuse to learn by themselves before doing activities on steemit, the job of educating them won't ever be finished. I guess that's it.

Good luck with the community, @monz122.

Greetings sir @steemcurator01
Yup I agree with you, a warning can help sometimes to make them realize their mistake.
Maybe this is not the right place for this invitation but I've no other way to reach you!
I would like to request you to subscribe #steemship community and we want you as an Admin or guardian there.
Owner of #SteemShip

In my opinion, it is very difficult to anticipate plagiarism in a community, let alone many fake accounts born from irresponsible hands. We can remind them from the start, but we can't guarantee there won't be plagiarism.

With a number of writers in Indonesia, I formed the #SteemLiteracy community, one of whose missions is to campaign for anti-plagiarism on the Steemit platform. We must continue to voice this and make plagiarism a common enemy. The #STEEMLiteracy community is still new even though the people involved in it are several active Steemians since 2017.

Success for #SecreetBeauty @monz122. Cheers...!

 3 years ago 

Will definitely Subscribe it..

I have done. Thanks so much.

In the community I am currently moderating, about 5 plagiarized contents are there every week. It is not an obstacle for the community. It is a challenge.

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