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🇮🇳 Namaste Steemit 🇮🇳
Dear @steemitblog ,

My name is Deepak Soni and my steemit user id is @deepak94. I have done mechanical engineering.
I have always believed in helping people. Through this platform, I want to make all the people of India aware of Steemit and I have started this work through my YouTube videos.
I am always active on this blockchain platform and always try to do all I can to help our new users of India who join this platform.

India has 28 states and 8 union territories that cover an area of ​​about 3.287 million square km. India is one of the 7 largest countries in the whole world in terms of area. If we talk about population, then it is second in the world.
But then very few people from our country were active because they do not have any representative on this platform. But still, me and my community will work together to take forward the Indian community.

What are the Requirements for the Role of CR

I went through all the eligibility criteria thoroughly and after that, I prepared this report that I fulfilled all the eligibility criteria for Country Representative or not.

  • Time Active- I have always been active since I created an account on this platform. And I always try that I can help in every possible way for the new users of our India who are connected on this platform.

  • Amount of SP- Till now I have earned 1704.25 SP through this platform. In which I have never withdrawn nor powered down a single SP to date. Even though I have earned less SP than the rest of the people but I have good intentions which will help steemit to make strong. I delegate my 90% of SP to one and only Indian community to support and promote Indians.


  • Reputation- My reputation is 63.608 at the time of writing this application.


  • Place of Residence- I currently live in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India. I was born in the state of Bihar. Because my father works in the Indian Army, So I lived in about 10 states out of 28 states and have good knowledge of the local languages ​​of all these states, so it can be easy to talk with people of India in their local language too. With the knowledge of any language, it will be easy for me to understand the problems of Newcomers.

  • Country Language- I know Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Rajasthani, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, etc. language but, because Hindi is the state language of India and it is spoken all over India. That's why I try to write my post in Hindi so that the people in our Indian class can read and understand them easily. That's why I write most of the posts in the Hindi language.

  • Voting CSI- My voting CSI always more than 15 beacause I always try to advise my newcomer steemians and give them the right guideline about this platform through my vote and comment. So that they can play a key role in the growth of Steam.


voting csi.PNG

source-steemworld tool

I am not a member of any curation team but still, I always vote and comment to promote newcomers of Indians. So that they can understand this platform. I work as a moderator for my #steemindiaa community and I curate all the good posts of our Indian community members through my curation.

I am a social worker and associated with Robin Hood Army NGO. And with the help of this, I help the poor people in my society from time to time. Just as my father worked for the country, in the same way, I also help the public of my country and I like to do this very much. I always help my Indian people through this platform. Being a Mod of my community I follow #club100 status to promote Steemit.

What special thing I did to my country

My work forLinkCover
To guide Members and Newcomers in our community arrange Google Meet.No updateIMG_20220626_120842.jpg
Post in Newcomers community about how to start journey in this platformLinkScreenshot_2022-06-26-12-25-30-31_cf61d63760dadc7ded92ee463d640cb6.jpg
Time to Time I make a post in the common language of India- Hindi to guide Newcomers in my communitylinkScreenshot_2022-06-26-12-29-13-54_cf61d63760dadc7ded92ee463d640cb6.jpg
To Promote steemit and help Indian Newcomer make YouTube Videos in Hindi languagelinkScreenshot_2022-06-26-12-32-03-82_e83481424e08a93e8b34a9fb2e4f6b36.jpg
My Pro Newcomers verification postlinkWhatsApp Image 2022-06-26 at 12.47.06 PM.jpeg
Presently I am learning some new skill that i will implement in steemit for Steem Developmentupdate soonWhatsApp Image 2022-06-26 at 12.55.25 PM.jpeg

Why do I think I would make a good country representative?

I believe that a country representative should be a patriot. The way my father learned discipline in the Indian Army and remained firm towards his country. I have taken inspiration from him and I also work for the citizens of my country with the help of my Robinhood Army NGO and as a believer CR on this platform.

I have successfully led my curation work in my community. I check all the posts of my #Steemindiaa community for several months and have never been given a chance to complain even once. I take my responsibilities seriously.

I m a club100 member and I support our Indian Language Hindi which I write in Devnagari script in my most of the posts.

Being a true Indian it's my responsibility to guide Newcomers. So I always support and guide Newcomers.

I believe that only a Greater or a CR does not work to help people, it should be the duty of everyone on this platform to help each other, and give guidance. As a true Indian, I will always work for the development of Steemit.

जय हिन्द जय भारत 🇮🇳

Thank you

अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसाम् ।
उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ॥

आपने अपनी कड़ी मेहनत से इस प्लेटफॉर्म पर बहुत सी चीजें सीखने में कामयाबी हासिल की और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बात यह है कि आपने स्टीमेट की खोज में दूसरों की मदद की और कर रहे हैं...

अगर आपका मार्ग दर्शन हम भारतीयों को मिलेगा तो हमें बहुत कुछ नया सीखने को मिलेगा। आप हम सभी के लिए इतनी मेहनत कर रहे हैं कि स्टीम इंडिया समुदाय और हमारा भारत बहुत आगे होगा। और आप सही कह रहे हैं कि हिंदी हमारी मातृभाषा है, इसलिए हमें इसे महत्व देना ही चाहिए।

जल्द ही मिलते हैं राष्ट्र के प्रतिनिधि के रूप में।
अभीष्टसिध्दिरस्तु...(All the best)👍👍

baah bhai bda accha likhle bada..

aapka hindi bhut accha hai @vnyupa26 aapke jaise acchai post krnai wale india sai hongai to bhut accha hoga or hann deepak ji hum sbhi ke liye accha kaam kr rhe hai.

Thanks Viney mujhai pta hai ki aap iss platform par bhut accha kaam krengai aap ki lekhan shaili bhut acchi hai or support krne ke liye dhanywaad.
Achievement 1 verifiy hojaye to aap post krna suru kr skte hai.

I read all post of CR of india and one common thing i found in your application and @cryptogecko application is that you both of them belongs to Army background so it will be easily trust all our country peoples easily bcos we trust in our Indian Army . The Disciple of the Army great.
all the very best my friend to your CR application.

Yes we both of them doing great for our community and i think our discipline plays and important role .
Thanks to read so deeply it means that if we get a chance then definitely India has a potential to do more on this platform.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Actually after closing BOI community. I think many of my friend loose their hope but you still not lose any hope and you did a hard work on this entired platform.
Your role as a MOD in this new indian community #steemindia is really tremendous .
Really You are a great men . People of our country feel proud if you get this opportunity and helps all indian .
All the very very best my friend @deepak94

I totally agree with you varsha

 9 months ago 

Very nice Deepak ji......👌
If people like you stay connected with us, then we will get to learn a lot of new things. You are working so hard for all of us because of that Steem india community and our India will be much ahead. And you are right that Hindi is our mother tongue, so we should give importance to it.

You just stay connected with all of us like this and keep supporting us ....All the best!! 👍

My goal is to make our country proud and i already start my work on this platform. Your blessings helps me to do effort more.
I always use Hindi language bcos we can't tolerate our mother tongue.

 9 months ago 

Guddd deepak ji ☺

 9 months ago 

That'll be amazing having you as our country representative. I am surprised with your hard work within this little time you managed to learn a lot of things over this platform and the most important you helped others in exploring Steemit.
All the best brother. See you as country representative soon.

Thanks @krishna001 for all your supportive words.

 9 months ago 

Great 😃

I m waiting for your CR post brother because you are only the one single guys which i know very well how dedicated to our country 🇮🇳 .
I always read your blogs and see your social work for indian community. I always get inspire with your social work .
In Discord channel the way you guiding all the Newcomer's is really hats off ...
Getting opportunity for CR I am definitely sure you are the perfect one to our country 🇮🇳.

Jai Hind

Best of luck 🤞

Thanks @shubhambhagat for your blessings and
मेरे प्रति आपका यह ट्रस्ट कभी नहीं टूटने दूंगा।
हम सभी लोग मिलकर इंडिया को फिर से ग्रो करेंगे।
एक बार फिर से धन्यवाद।

जय हिन्द 🇮🇳

 9 months ago 

You are the only one who is always there to help newcomers like me,u always guide me and encourage me to survive in this platform,when I join steemit for the first time I found u as a mentor .You are the strongest support for every new comer. You are the only person who is best for country representative from my perspective.I wish you all the very best..

My dedication to my country never be down . I always try to helps my Indian brother and sisters.
Thanks for your wishes @parineeta

 9 months ago 

All the best of luck, @deepak sir.

 9 months ago 

All the very best sir . As of now , I've seen you working so hard on this platform and helping others to get connected with the people through this platform . Your guidance has helped many kaushals like me to get ease to this platform . May all your hard work pays off .

Thanks brother for your kind supportive words and wishes

 9 months ago 

The way you teach every single person on this platform is extraordinary. Really you are the perfect one for CR every newcomer and our community members support you because you help all of them very much.
All the very best my brother.

Thanks, brother for your kind wish.

 9 months ago 

sir ji you are doing good work to Indians . No one can do like this to newcomers. The way you explain all the processes in your YouTube video is worthless. Best wishes....

Proud If you become a CR of India

Thanks, brother for watching my Youtube video it's helpful for newcomers so you can share this video with those who want to join this platform.

Deepak bhaiya tuhaar maihnt dekh kr hamaar sar chkra jala tu garibn ke bhi madat krelaa or haija bhi bhut kaam krt bada naya logan ke . agar tahara jaisn CR bnn jaiye ta shi mai sb tohpar bharosa kri or india ke naam jarur roshan hoyi.

hahaaa bhai pura aap to yha bhojpuri wala filling le aye . App sbhi ka support rhega to koi bhibne CR issbar sbhi log India ke liye jarur accha krengai.
hmmari team bhut mehnti hai or kosis kijiye hosake to hindi mai hi post likhiye aaplog lijhengai tbhi to Hindi ka vikas hoga.

Deepak bhai aap hmaare desh ka pratinidhitav karne ke liye sbse active or bdhiya davedaar hai . Jiss trh sai aap sbhi logon ko smye smye par google meet, call kr ke , telegram or discord pr guide krtai hai wai aapko CR bnne ke liye ucchit bnata hai.
mai kamna krunga ki steemit team ke dwara sahi nirnaye liya jaye .
or india ka yuva CR bne taaki iss platform pr bhi bhartiyo ka koi margdarshak ho.

Thanks @anilgzp aap logo ka sath or hum sbhi pr vishwas rhega to jarur hum india ko unchai par le jaiynge.

You are one of the best MOD of steem India. If you are get opportunity for CR then you will grow all steemitians of India and give your full effort to make India at best level. Thank you sir to supporting me initially and also now. Thank you very much

Thanks buddy for your wish

Always responsible, willing to help others and an extraordinary team worker, @deepak94. I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure you have what it takes for the job, and more. success! :)

Thanks @marlyncabrera for your loving words. Thanks for encourage my work .

 9 months ago 

All the best brother

Thanku brother for your wishes.

Congrats 🎊 bhaiya the way you guide me about this platform really very well. I need this type platform but I don't know how to start but your guidence will be valuable for me.
If you become a Country Representative of our India then our Indian community will definitely grow.
All the very best.

It's my duty younger brother. I hope you learn more n more thing to this platform.
Thanks for your wishes 😊.

 9 months ago 

you have given your 100% to uplift our Indian community and you deserve this spot, my brother. Best of luck to you. Keep growing and keep helping others because that's what heroes do and You are a hero, bro.

धन्यवाद मेरे दोस्त आप लोगों का इस तरह से प्रेम देख कर मुझे अच्छा लगा । मैं हमेशा साथ चलने में विश्वास रखता हु तो अपलोगो का साथ रहेगा तो हम जरूर इंडियन कम्युनिटी को मज़बूत बनायेंगे।

 9 months ago 

Very good bro, advance congratulations!

Thanks @poorvik for blessings.

[email protected] आप की पोस्ट को पढ़कर स्टीमीट के बारे में काफी जानकारी मिली और साथ ही आपके मार्गदर्शन से मेरा अचीवमेंट1 पूरा हुआ आगे भी आप सभी नए साथियों का मार्गदर्शन करते रहें ।

धन्यवाद हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

आप सभी का विश्वास और सहयोग की बहुत जरुरत है । तभी हम भारत को इस प्लेटफार्म पर shi दिशा दे पाएंगे।

 9 months ago 

Very best wishes brother, you are really great. With your good deeds and good behavior, you have always tried to teach us something new in life.

Definitely it's always done because you people wanted to learn something. I support every Newcomer's in this entire platform with my youtube video or posts.
Thanks for your support 😊.

Best of luck for this Application..

Thanks brother

Nicely written application.
I wish you all the best

Thanks @graciella for wishing.

Best of luck brother 🙏🇧🇩😊

Support me brother. I am also applicant.

There isn’t much to be said . We have all seen the dedication and hard work you have put into the platform and we know that if you are given the opportunity you will not let us down. I really hope you are given the mandate to show how competent you can be .

Good luck brother ☺️

Thanku @rubilu123 for your wishes 🙂

Best of luck dear 🤞. I wish you can get a chance to become country representative. Best wishes for you.

Thanku @ashkhan for your support.

 9 months ago 

All the best brother, best wishes for you

Thanks @mrsokal for your wishes

Ümid edirəm ki, Hindistanı gözəl bir şəkildə təmsil edəcəksiniz və mən buna inanıram. Yaxşı işlər üçün daha çox çalışmaq lazımdır. Buna görə də sizin seçiminizi dəstəkləyirəm.

Thanks for giving blessings.

India ko aap jaise CR ki jarurat hai jiss tarah aap ka effort community or india ke liye hai wo sarahniye hai.
mai hindi language ko support krti hun or aap apne post mai hmesha Hindi language ka upyog krtai hai.
ye sa dekh mujhai accha lgta hai koi to hum sare logo ki preshani sunta hai

Hmme HINDI bhasa ka smaan Krna chahiye or ye hmaari neew hai . Hum apne sabhayta ko kbhi nhi bhul skte isliye mai kosis krta hu ki apne bhasa ka jyada upyog kru.
Dhanyawad mere ko support krne ke liye.

mujhe pura yakin hai jiss trh sai tum kaam kr rhe ho tum jarur India ka naam rosan krogai.
I m proud of you .
My best wishes with you.

Thanks Bhai aapka ashirvaad rhega to jarur ham accha krengi or iss platform pr sbhi ki help krengai.

India needs new CRs urgently and I'm sure you are a good candidate for it. Best of luck

A very thanks @huzaifanaveed1 for bring attention and support me and my country.

Hamare moderator Deepak bhai ko shubhkaamnaye. Aur main prarthana karta hu ki aap CR Bane aur hamare desh ka naam roshan karein. Mere sabhi bharatiya members ko mera vaada hai ki is baar jo bhi CR banega faayda hum sabhi ka hoga. Jai Hind

Dhanyawad mere bhai hum sbhi ke irrade nake hai or hum sbhi mai unity hai. India se CR bnne sai sbhi ko fayda hoga . Hum or bhut sare logo ki madat kr payenge.

You are a really suitable for the post of CR, I appreciate your helping nature and friendly type, wish you a good luck

धन्यवाद ज्योति जी हम सभी मिलकर इंडिया को ऊंचाई पर लेजाएंगे । और हम यह सबको बता देंगे की भले ही BOI बंद होगया लेकिन हमारा इंडिया परिवार मिलकर काम करता है।

English -

Thanks Jyoti ji we all together will take India to the heights. And we will tell this to everyone that even though BOI is closed but our India family works together.

I read your post and you write the main concern about Hindi language because only you promote our Hindi language on this platform no one promote our Hindi language in this platform even in BOI that's why many of the user's not post their diary regularly and afterall they deactive some time. But I m very sure if Our language is supported then again many of my friends start posting regularly.
I follow your post bcos only you post many of the post in our mother tongue Hindi
My best wishes with you my friend 🙂

Yes brother from my first post i always support my language and culture. If we the people support or our language then Newcomer's also admire with our works. Thanks for supporting me brother.

 9 months ago 

Hello Deepak ji,

It's good to see you applying for the role of a country representative and you truly deserve this as you have always supported Indians and guided them properly to create quality content.
Best wishes to you!

Hum sbhi ne milkar iss indian community ko strong bnaya hai or Mera hmesha se kosis rhega ki iss platform or apne desh 🇮🇳 ko aage badhaya jaye or iske liye hmm sbhi ko milkar kaam Krna hoga .
Dhanyawad Monika ji

I agree with you @monz122.

 9 months ago 

You are guiding newcomers by making quality posts which are really very helpful for newcomers. I wish you all the best.

 9 months ago 

Best of luck brother.......It'll be a great moment you become country representative. Keep doing the good work, it'll pay one day definitely 😊.

Thanks brother for your kind supportive words.

 9 months ago 

Brother you are very helpful person. In Steemindia community your activity is so good time than others people. You response in a time on steemit & also in discord. You helps the newcomer persons with politely. Good job bro. I think you deserve it. Best wishes for you.

Thanks for your support. Many of the newcomers need CR . Because when i search on Newcomers community i found their is so many ID created but due to no support and guidance they shut down their account.

 9 months ago 

Yes brother & I think you can do it perfectly.

Thanks brother for your trust on me.

Jai Hind Deepak Sir, Mujhe Ravi Sir ne bataya tha ki aap bhi Steem India Community ke liye bahut achha kaam karte ho. Aap is position ke liye achhe candidate ho aur main prarthana karta hu ki aap select ho jao.

Dhanyawad mere dost aap sbhi ka sath rhega to mai akela nhi hum sbhi milkar kaam krengai or accha kaam krengai.

Deepak Ji you are doing a great job in this platform and most important thing is that you support our mother tongue on this platform . I wish for you .

Every Indian has to respect our mother tongue language. Thanks for your wish @sangita83

 9 months ago 

It's great. We would like to see you as CR. Participation is also great step to get win in race

Thanks my friend. If someone doing hard work then definitely they can submit entry.

Thanks brother 😊

Well detailed application
All the best

Thanks @olabillions for your kind supportive words.

You are welcome

Hi dear friend, you are a really suitable character for the post of country representative as I can see you have contributed a lot for steemit. Good luck dear friend.

Thanks @nadeesew for your kind word.

@deepak94 aap jiss trh sai #steemindiaa community mai kaam kr rhe hai wo taarif ke kaabil hai . App ne iss community ko bhut hi bdhiya sai nikhara hai .
aap @monz122 @jyoti-thelight @cryptogecko bhut hi mehnt kr rhe hai . hum sbhi bharetiyo ko iss community team leaders pr pura bharosa hai.

Dhanyawad @mangalji aap pehle apna achievement 1 post pura kijiye . Aap Hindi mai bhi likh skte hai.

 9 months ago 

All the best for your success

Thanks brother .

 9 months ago 

Greetings, you have been supported by @steemindiaa account for your post. This is the official community account for our Indian community on Steemit. For more information, please visit our discord channel.

Moderator/Curator : @monz122

Steem India Comment GIF.gif

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Telegram ----- Discord

My all the best wishes are with you bro.

Thanks @steemdoctor1 for your blessings.

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