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Happy and blessed start of the week for all those steemits who are part of this distinguished community @steem-healthy, here with my participation in this interesting contest SEC-S16/WE quite controversial because there are many people who are afraid of getting old.

Close to home lived a neighbor friend of mine, who every time her birthday was approaching she panicked and feared, she told us that she didn't like to be celebrated because it was a sign of not wanting to get old. I was researching and that is a pathology that means: Gerascophobia refers to the irrational fear or aversion to getting old. Her fear was so great that she became sick until she died, this shocked me, I did not think this could happen, there really are cases of cases.

👩 What is the medical process behind aging and from what age does it actually begin?

Aging: is a continuous process of natural and normal change that begins in adulthood, during this age many functions of the body of the individual begins to decrease little by little, as time goes by and certain virtues are lost as a result of it,
There is not a certain age that converts a person in advanced age, for example in my country they are called third age, according to the doctors and the constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, women from 55 years and men from 60 years and begin to be part of retired, the third age and the beginning of old age.

👩 Are you afraid of growing old? If so, what are the challenges of aging that make you afraid of growing old?

Why be afraid if it is a process of change that is happening over time, it is simply acceptable nirmal because it is the law of life and against it is not necessary to fight hahaha that if, accept it with dignity, for me it is welcome are years of experience and learning, I have to accept my future, total for there we go and it is for which passes every human being.

👩 Write down three nutritional elements that can prevent aging.



We have to take care of our body and organism, through:

1 - A good balanced and balanced diet, based on eating green vegetables, legumes, good quality oils, fruits and meats, eggs, etc, 👀 (eye) within the possibilities of each person.

2 - Exercise moderately according to age.

3 - Avoid smoking, alcohol, as well as using sunscreens with high protection against the sun, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

👩 Write down three exercises that will make you look young even at an advanced age?

In my country there are a number of programs for seniors, among them we have:



1 - Dance therapy, this is one of my favorites, which I enjoy to the fullest, it makes me feel young, glowing, full of vigor and energy, besides it has its benefits such as:

  • Helps circulation.
  • Improves the respiratory and vascular system.
  • It favors the drainage of liquids and toxins from the body.
  • Combats overweight.
  • Levels out high cholesterol levels, etc.

2 - Walking in the morning when the weather is cool or in the afternoon when the sun is low, helps circulation, constipation, muscle aches and cramps.

3 - working with machines to exercise legs, shoulders, arms, hips, etc.

I invite @yahnel @menfita and @sharifanamin



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 3 months ago 

Greetings and blessings for your great gesture and support, very kind of you. thank you.

 3 months ago 

Upvoted and good luck in the contest.

  • working with machines to exercise legs, shoulders, arms, hips, etc.It sounds like you're describing a full-body workout using machines! Working out different muscle groups is a great way to achieve overall strength and fitness.💥💥💥💥
 3 months ago 

Greetings friend, in my country there are places where there are all kinds of machines for the community in general, the elderly attend these places and exercise like any other person, as far as their strength allows them. I am not talking about weights or anything like that, I am talking about machines designed for any age,

 3 months ago 

El miedo más terrible en la vejez es ver que el asiento físico se deteriora a medida que pasan los años e incluso, algunas mujeres hacen todo lo posible para ir en contra de l corriente aplicándose todo tipo de cirugía, pero finalmente, la vejez llegará

 3 months ago 

Me encanta este concurso @leigth gracias por la invitación. Creo que envejecer es la máxima plenitud que todo ser humano debería tener sobare todo envejecer con dignidad. Ser una viejita bonita jeje. Saludos,

I believe that aging or something like that starts from the food we eat. But I also really agree that with exercise like you said walking can also retard aging.
I salute those who are old but stay young...
I enjoyed reading your post, best wishes dear... 🤗😘

 3 months ago 

Bendiciones y gracias amiga por pasar y leerme.

You are welcome dear... 🤗😘

 3 months ago 

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

I really thank you for making your friend understand that aging is an inevitable factor. Not only your friend but everyone should know that aging or death is inevitable. But I was very saddened to hear about his illness and death. My condolences to your friend. You have really analyzed aging well. Also, due to the biological process of aging, women are often concerned about their appearance. It is no different in my country, women over fifty-five years old and people over 60 years old belong to the category of senior citizens in the society. That is, they are grouped as aging people. Can be called.Aging is not preventable but you have given here about exercise and nutrition to control the appearance of aging to some extent.Very good post.I wish you all the best for the competition💐

 3 months ago 

Thank you for sending a good post, everyone will reach a natural process when they are over 40 years old and will enter the aging period but by eating fruit, omega 3 and vegetable consumption, as well as regular exercise, dance therapy is also good. makes him look youthful, I agree with your writing. Good luck in this contest :)

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