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RE: It is Women's Day

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What a beautiful expression of the emotions shared by many women in our community!

Regarding this drama, I must admit I haven't watched it, but I'll differ a bit here. I'm familiar with the story behind it, the incident that occurred. While it's a firm NO to women being killed in the name of honor, it's crucial for women to assert their freedom within some limitations in the system, provided by the protective aspects of Islam, like the concept of mehram.

If a woman chooses to break free from these boundaries and norms set by religion, she shouldn't face death in the name of honor. However, there are certain values they should adhere to. In this specific incident, the so-called protectors were far from being protectors or well-wishers of the victim. This points to a troubling trend in general.

But talking about us (for example, you and me), we are allowed all kinds of freedom by our husbands and fathers. Having said that, we have not taken this freedom as a way to deviate from some teachings that are there for our own good in our religion.

Indeed, you bring up a valid point. Striking a balance between freedom and adherence to those teachings is crucial.

That's my opinion of course:)

Your post is really awesome. Best of luck for your contest.

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I think I gave the wrong impression by sympathizing with the girl. I tried to keep the post short because of the word limit 😏 ; I couldn't share my opinion on the drama/incident in detail.

I don't support the actions of that girl. But more than that I condemn her fate.

Since that girl was kind of a celebrity so as much as I've seen that drama, she wasn't portrayed as bad as the stories on the Internet. The focus was more on how she wasn't allowed to do the smallest of things when her first husband was a complete flirt.

It just boils my blood to see that women are being killed in the name of honour, whereas men are getting away with every hideous crime. In this case, the murderer brother was also set free after three year imprisonment.

I don't support the actions of that girl. But more than that I condemn her fate.

In nutshell.

Or as I said the "so-called" mehrams and protectors of her were just a fraud and bunch of hypocrites.

Bravo to you for this wonderful post.

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