“Steemit Engagement Challenge, S9w2: Honey! Pack Your Bags Right Now!”

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It's a pleasure to meet all ladies Steemians here in the Steem for Ladies community. This time we are now in the second week of the engagement challenge and I'm happy that I have taken part in the last engagement challenge. I'm excited and interested in this week's topic "Honey! Pack Your Bags Right Now!”. What would be my reaction and feelings if it happens in my real life?

Do you like unexpected surprises like this? Yes or no tell us why.


Yes, I love surprises particularly when it was coming from my loved ones. I never experience any surprises from him because my voice is always heard when it comes to decision-making about planning to have a trip and when we have someplace to visit. When he suddenly surprised me that he won the lottery maybe I will be shocked and cry. When heard that good news possibly I can't move my legs to walk to pack the things needed.
That's the time that he will give me water and relax my mind. Then after I will go to our room, Jumped on my bed and shout for my happiness. And says, Lord thank you. Go to my closet and get the important things needed for my travel. Then run back to my husband and hug him so tight and says thank you. Let's go.

If you had to pack your bags "right now" what 5 items will you pack? Best you show us some of your images.

When I pack my bag I will pack the most important things needed. Here are the five items that I will put inside my bag.


•My wallet with Identification cards and Atm. This is the most important thing I should put inside my bags. Sometimes we need Identification cards when having transactions, especially in the banks. When we claim the reward from the lottery we put it in the bank. One of the most important of having bank transactions is the identification card.


•Cellphone with charger. This is also important that I will put it inside my bag because we need some contact with our family. So that they will know the place that we have travel. I used also my phone to capture some pictures of some beautiful places and beautiful moments together with my husband.


•My clothes. I will only bring clothes that are suitable for our travel. It depends on how long we are during our travel. But in our place maybe it takes almost 3 months to process some necessary documents needed upon claiming the payout. So I need to bring clothes good for 1 week so that I can wash the cloth on Sundays.


•My hygiene kit. This is also the most important necessity needed along the trip. This hygiene kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, mouthwash, hand sanitizer wipes, and a comb. We need all things for our daily needs during our travel to claim the lottery prize.


•Shoes and Sandals. Lastly, I need this during my travel. Since I used shoes during travel and processing of the documents needed to claim the prize. But sometimes I was comfortable using sandals, especially during warm weather conditions.

If you could tell 5 other people to pack their bags as they are going with you who will it be?


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The special person that I want to pack their bags with me are my family. I want that my mother, father, eldest sister, my niece, and my youngest sister to pack their bag along with me to join my travel. I choose them because this is the most important person in my life that help me during my ups and down. They will not leave during the hardest moment when I was hospitalized because of ruptured appendicitis. Also when I get pregnant and the baby was in the fallopian tube. When I undergo fallopian tube operations my family is always there for me. So now it is time to pay them back for all their goodness, I need my family member to pack their things so that they will experience also my happiness during my travel.

Lastly, if your partner won the lottery what would you like to do, pack your bags, or stay at home? Tell us in detail what you would like to do.

If my partner won the lottery I will pack my bags to claim and process the important documents needed to claim the jackpot prize in the lottery office at our place. Since many documents are needed, I want to process them early so that I will get the prize as soon as possible and plan what should we do for the prize. Then I will leave my house and transfer to another house where no one knows me for security reasons.
Together with my family, we will plan what should we do for the money before we will go on a vacation to my dream place travel which is Hongkong, and enjoy beautiful places like the Hongkong Disneyland and other beautiful places to unwind and relax.


Winning a lottery is God's plan. We have to wait for the perfect time. But it says "Honey! Pack Your Bags Right Now!” have many reasons. A surprise that will make you happy or sad. A message that feels us emotionally when it happens to us in real life. I want to experience a surprise from my loved ones.

Thank you very much for your time. I would to invite @maris75 @kyrie1234 @bisayakalog and @georgie84 to participate in this challenge.



 last year 

This is so lovely,my family my pride, for security reasons is good you leave the particular house to another place, and from there your mind will be settled for you to plan. Your family is so lucky to have you because you have them in mine.
Packing your most important thing is also important, like your wallet and the rest

 last year 

Hi dear friend

Wives always love to have some suprise from their beloved ones, although it likely to occured, but haha you can not experience it because you hear the voice of your husband when he discussion or planned a trip for you.

Yeah there is process for lottery tickets and you will planned holidays with family to your favorite place Hong Kong.

Wish you success

This is really fun contest ma'am. Thanks for sharing yours. And I'm sure Going for a trip is a huge thing for us... a wife and a mother.

 last year 

Kuyoga ko @liamnov


You sure are a careful person, i love your preparedness, so nothing takes you by surprise.
Wishing you good luck on your entry. Much love.

 last year 

Thank you very much

I'm also happy that you got a big surprise from your partner, I'm also sure you must be traveling to a pleasant place. may your days always be in pleasure. luck will be with you my friend

 last year 

Thank you

 last year 

Hello friend @liamnov

Wow friend you are right many times when we plan something something unexpected always happens to me too, plans change at the last minute and I have to stay at home, I see that you are a woman who likes a lot so if your husband wins the lottery you will enjoy knowing many beautiful places I say goodbye wishing you have an excellent day

Best regard

 last year 

Thank you

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