BITCOIN: Stick to the plan even if BSV is pumping right now

in hive-167922 •  7 days ago 

I have 5 minutes available to check what the market is doing today and, man, I am so happy to see it.

It is like a party!!!

I even happier to discover that my targets have been achieved according to the plan, shown to you since more than 2 weeks ago!

Just one position is still waiting to be filled by BTC, which is the one I set at 9000 USD and now, after seeing what BSV is doing today I have my doubts if it would not be better to cancel it and set the sell order in a higher place...

I have the suspicious that this BSV tremendous PUMP is going to be a terrific DUMP of the same altcoin in short time, transferring the gains to TETHER or to BITCOIN...

If the second happens then the current 5th wave up is going to become an extended one...

The best is to get stick to the plan... I am not going to cancel my sell at 9000 USD since I'm off and very busy for the moment...or maybe later on, at the airport, I will have a look...

By the way, another thing to celebrate:

This bullshit scenario shown by our beloved steemian called something like @h*ejin is not happening!

(you can see his tweet of 6 days before here: go and show him some love ;-))



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I guess we shall see if we get to test the 10k area, im quite stoned so I forgot were i read,but isnt it apple who have just normalised Bitcoin? ill try find the post, oh it was a german post just remembered

$10,000 by the end of the month Eddie my friend. The last chart of the all mighty is simply bullshit as all of his posts.


What a shit of prediction the poor guy !BEER .

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I feel like I have missed out lol. I don't even know what BSV is. I have about 2500 liquid steem waiting to jump into btc for the first time in forever and almost did it a $6995. No I'm just fomo. I pray that steem chases a little so I can feel good about myself.

IMO, all this pump of BSV is going to be transferred either to BTC or to TETHER, no worries for the moment

hmmm. !BEER

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Heres that post link, it appears that Bitcoin was normalised on a huge german tv show...

Will have a look later, thanks!

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