Fiestatuesday - Giants of the Ice Age 1oz!

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Happy tuesday amazing peeps 😉

Hope your week is treating you in the best way. As you know I been really sick and it has been a struggle, but then you get a package in the mailbox 😃
And suddenly all is better... Lol

Here is my #fiestatuesday by the sweet @silverd510 and I might not have mexican Silver to share... But Im finding myself back on ice Age 😳 whaaaa?

** Check it Out peeps! **

Giants of the Ice Age 1oz

WOLLY MAMMOTH 1st in the serie

  • Manufacturer: Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
  • Weight: 1 troy / 31.1 grams
  • Purity: 999/1000
  • Condition: Circulated
  • Diameter: 38. 6mm
  • Capsule: Original capsule
  • Nominal value: 5 Cedis
  • Edition: 15,000


Photograph by @saffisara

Really gorgeous piece and the picture just doesn't do justice as the details are incredleble. Hope you can get a picture atleast 😉




The woolly mammoth lived during the Pleistocene until its extinction in the early Holocene epoch.
It was one of the last in a line of mammoth species, and its closest extant relative is the Asian elephant.
The appearance and behaviour of this species are among the best studied of any prehistoric animal because of the discovery of frozen carcasses in Siberia and Alaska, as well as skeletons, teeth, stomach contents, dung, and depiction from life in prehistoric cave paintings. Mammoth remains had long been known in Asia before they became known to Europeans in the 17th century.
The origin of these remains was long a matter of debate, and often explained as being remains of legendary creatures.
The mammoth was identified as an extinct species of elephant by Georges Cuvier in 1796.


Photograph by @saffisara

The woolly mammoth was roughly the same size as modern African elephants.
Males reached shoulder heights between 2.7 and 3.4 m and weighed up to 6 metric tons. Females reached 2.6–2.9 m in shoulder height and weighed up to 4 metric tons.
A newborn calf weighed about 90 kg.
It was well adapted to the cold environment during the last ice age.
It was covered in fur, with an outer covering of long guard hairs and a shorter undercoat, the colour of the coat varying from dark to light.
The ears and tail were short to minimise frostbite and heat loss.
It had long, curved tusks and four molars, which were replaced six times during the lifetime of an individual. Its behaviour was similar to that of modern elephants, and it used its tusks and trunk for manipulating objects, fighting, and foraging.
The diet of the woolly mammoth was mainly grasses and sedges. Individuals could probably reach the age of 60.
Its habitat was the mammoth steppe, which stretched across northern Eurasia and North America.

The woolly mammoth coexisted with early humans, who used its bones and tusks for making art, tools, and dwellings, and the species was also hunted for food.
It disappeared from its mainland range at the end of the Pleistocene 10,000 years ago, most likely through climate change and consequent shrinkage of its habitat, hunting by humans, or a combination of the two.
Isolated populations survived on St. Paul Island until 5,600 years ago and on Wrangel Island until 4,000 years ago.

Source 👉 click here


Giants of the Ice Age 1oz

MEGALOCEROS DEER 2nd in the serie

  • Tillverkare : Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
  • Vikt : 1 troy / 31.1 gram
  • Renhet : 999/1000
  • Skick: Ocirkulerad
  • Diameter : 38. 6mm
  • Kapsel: Orginal kapsel
  • Nominellt värde : 5 Cedis
  • Upplaga : 15.000


Photograph by @saffisara

This is a really Beautiful Deer and shiny 😜 and again the details are amazing.
I'm glad I came across these 2 as I never really seen this serie before...Super cool!




Second edition of a new series “THE GIANTS OF THE ICE AGE”.
The entire series consists of eight animals in a period of 4 years.
The worldwide circulation of only 15,000.
The coins are individually delivered in a capsule.
New Series – Giants of the Ice Age
Megaloceros is an extinct genus of deer whose members lived throughout Eurasia from the early Pleistocene to the beginning of the Holocene and were important herbivores during the Ice Ages.
The largest species, Megaloceros giganteus, vernacularly known as the “Irish elk” or “Giant elk”, is also the best known.
They are thought to be most closely related to the living Dama deer.


Photograph by @saffisara

The Irish elk evolved throughout the last few million years during the glacial periods and Ice Age, specifically the Pleistocene epoch.
Once established, the elk spread throughout Europe, northern Asia and Africa, and some parts of China.
Physically, the Irish elk was the heaviest known member of the “Old World deer”, a division of the subfamily Cervinae whose groups the “Old World deer” and “New World deer” are distinguished by foot structure rather than geographical origin.
The first Megaloceros giganteus appeared about 400,000 years ago, but most Irish remains date from between 11,750 BP and 10,950 BP.
Over 100 individuals have been found in Ballybetagh Bog, Co. Dublin, the outstanding site known.
Studies have shown they possibly evolved from M. antecedens.
The earlier taxon, sometimes considered a paleosubspecies M. giganteus antecedens, is similar, but had more complex and compact antlers.

Source 👉 click here


A beautiful new serie that has great history behind it, and I like to grow this collection and see what other animal they come up with 😉👍

I do have another animal collection to share as well, but that will have to be in tomorrows post.
A tease? Mandala 😜 all I say.... Lol


Now I'm off to get something to eat and hopefully no more insides going outside 😜 Buwahahaha

Haven't really eaten since sunday so might be so hungry... It gets messy 🙈😂 Hahahaha



Have a wonderful week my peeps 🥰

Stay Awsome and remember to be YOU
I always am..Even when I'm traveling back to the Ice Age!


Much Love Ya'll ❤️ Kisses 💋


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Both of those are awesome. I’ve never seen those before. Nice share. Have a great night🤗🥰🌹❤️

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Hey Lovely friend 🤗🌹
Yes I agree they are really amazing, and I hadn't seen them before eather until my silver guy asked if I was interrested in the ice Age silver 😳 the what?
And then he showed me and I said... Heck Ya Im interrested 😜 and here they are. Thank you for inspiering and for cool tags that gives us a chance to share shiny silver 😉🙏

Much love and squeezes to you my friend 🤗🌹🥰❤️🤗

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Beautiful silver there, I like both! I love wildlife depicted in silver coins and rounds. Stack on my sis, @saffisara! Take care 🥰🌺🤙, luv ya and lots of hugs 🤗

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This is such a cool series! Both rounds are sweet

I'm glad you think so my friend 😉
It really is a sweet serie. What is your favorite serie? Your silver shield collection was sweet that you shared a while ago. Have a wonderful week. Much love 🤗🌹❤️

Nice designs now grind one up into colloidal silver to help heal you :-)

Glad you liked it 😉 and Yes Great idea... Silver sure has a healing effect 😁 LMAO
Have a wonderful week. Cheers! 🌹

Yeah i swear by colloidal silver for sore throats etc. Though big shiny coins might be enough to boost the immune system :-)

We are finding out more about the younger dryas event that happened over the United States as well as it seems there were also impacts all the way into Russia and Asia too.


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That is really interesting and I love learning more history, it often takes us to places we didn't know was connected. Animals and human history, world history 😜 lol
Glad you liked it and I wish you a wonderful week. Cheers! 🌹

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Yep thanks for sharing the beautiful silver!!!

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My pleasure 😉 I'm kind of addicted to the shiny silver... Lol

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Yeah I can't wait to post some gold from the gold show. Loved sharing my picture of the nugget at the last meeting. That was nice.

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Oooo... I can't wait to se that 😉😍 I don't have much gold, only 2 tiny ones.
But nuggets, that is really cool.
Will keep my eyes open for your post 👍
Have a wonderful evening, time for bed here 1.30 at night 🙈 cheers!


Yeah wish it was mine but it was just amazing to get to hold it.

Largest nugget of this year's gold mining trip.

Think this year I'm going. Especially with the solar system I got.

Pretty awesome to get to see it in the raw form.

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laughing at you getting sat on but that rack on that frign moose deer is ginormous! Like the whole antlers was prolly the size of a truck! XHINY

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😜 Lol... Ya I thought that pic was a neat touch, and funny. The Rack... Yupp its like Gianormous😁 LMAO... Wouldn't want to be hugged by those Racks.. Painful... Lol
Xhiny indeed ❤️

Beautiful 💖❤️

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Beautiful Silver rounds @saffisara, I hope you feel better! Silver will always put a smile on your face!!😀

Whoa! The mammoth looks great on this round alright therefore it should be AWESOME on a 100 oz coin!
Stackitis Silver Treatment Approved by your Stackitis nurse!

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Howdy saffisara! These are absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic and I hope you are well by now.