Binance Giving Priority Transfers to Justin Sun While Blocking Other User Withdrawals | Steemleo Show #23

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Early last week, CZ from Binance put out a multitude of statements ousting Justin Sun and essentially admitting that Justin had sent out details for an “upgrade” to Binance’s team under false pretenses.

This “upgrade” was in fact the call for Binance to power up all the STEEM held on the exchange and vest it into STEEM POWER. Once it was powered up, it could be used to vote in Justin’s Witnesses. Which CZ and Binance did.

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The statements made it seem as though Binance was either very naive and ignorant or very greedy and were well compensated for their involvement.

Withdrawals of STEEM have been on lockdown since this event took place. Users have been unable to withdraw from the exchange. Up until today — Justin Sun received millions of STEEM in transfers from the @binance-hot wallet WHILE the exchange’s withdrawal feature was still on lockdown.

Either Binance is continuing to collude with Justin Sun or Justin outright owns the keys to Binance’s Steem account. I think it’s the former, but who knows with these guys. It’s apparent that people like CZ and Justin Sun are money-hungry and power-hungry. They’ll stop at nothing to enrich themselves and push for more control over the crypto space.

In This Episode:

  • Continual collusion with Binance, CZ and Justin Sun — JS withdrawals a massive amount of STEEM from Binance while their system was still offline for withdrawals.
  • Justin is Happy to talk to the community. Then blocks everyone on Steem who tweets @ him including a bunch of tron users
  • Witness war update — despite collusion between the biggest exchange in all of crypto and a mega-rich corrupt investor like Justin Sun, we’re still holding our ground.
  • We are Steem

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This should come as no surprise. The exchanges have been actively attacking us under the guise of neutrality this entire time. Their bullshit story about Sun hacking them with a Steemit script is an obvious lie, as they show zero outrage and zero intent on taking legal action against him.

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Agreed. They're trying to save face publicly while doing a bunch of shady shit on the backend. A practice that I'm sure they are becoming quite good at

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How will the new fork address the millions of steem that are in the exchanges? Will they be airdropped?

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The exchanges will be contacted and asked if they would like to honor the airdrop. If they do, then it will work just like other coins that have forked (like Bitcoin -- Bitcoin Cash).. the users can claim the airdropped tokens from their exchange account.

The good thing about this as well is that Justin has been withdrawing his Steem from exchanges and powering it up on Steemit accounts. So when we fork to a new chain, we'll give him as little HIVE as possible

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He is anything but stupid. At this very moment he is transferring steem out of his accounts and putting them in alt-accounts. That way he will still receive a big lot of Hive.

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i really hope the fork will have all the data. it would be shitty to have that justins post lost.

Haha yeah it will have all the data. It will essentially be a clone of Steem up until the last block before the snapshot

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Binance should still be punished. They aren't being honest and didn't learn their lesson.

Totally agree. This is proving the need for some sort of crypto regulation in the space. There needs to be some sort of governing body that goes after these malicious actions.

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Justin and Binance can care less about us.

I think they care. We could be a nasty torn in their side.

We are STEEM 👊

Great videos, thanks for these @khaleelkazi

This community is all that matters. Neither our name nor our location have any impact on the value we bring to the table. 👊🏽

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have some !BEER

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Normally I wouldn't be mad, just disappointed but this time I'm not mad because with everything that's going on we can't let such things bother us. Just ride it out and follow the hive.

100%. I think the best option is to finally break away from the weight around our neck called Stinc and move to our own chain and brand it from the ground up. We (the community) are all that really matters

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Don't listen to what people say, watch what they do

I think it is pretty clear that Binance is in cahoots with Justin Sun. Glad to see the community witnesses still holding strong and controlling a good share of the top witness spots. However, with every passing week, Binance releases more STEEM and even if just part of them go to Justin's sock puppet accounts, it will be an uphill task moving forward.

It seems to me that a fork is increasingly inevitable...

The fork is coming. At this point, I'm ready to move over. We will take a short-term hit in terms of valuation and what-not but I think it will bring way more value to the people who have actually blogged and built on Steem for the past 4 years in the long-run.

See you in the hive ;)

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This is justin and CZs chain now no point in still fighting it, lets move on to our fork and let them have the carcus of tokens

I think it's good to keep the fight going until Hive is 100% launched. But I agree, let's leave him with nothing in the end. He bought Steemit which is now a shell of a company with 1-2 employees and basically no future potential. It's just a matter of time until even Eli gives up.

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Of course they are. I have lil bit Steem on there and still can’t get it out.

I heard that it's open now for withdrawals. Are you still getting the wallet maintenance message? If so drop a screenshot here and I'll tweet @CZ with it. He tweeted me back yesterday and said all withdrawals are open, but I don't use binance anymore.

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It doesn’t even give me an option to withdraw. Ill get a screenshot for you when I get to my pc.

Nothing a little fork won't fix

True that. I'm excited for where we go from here. As always the "steem" community thrives under any circumstance. Light up a J and we'll coast right into the future ;)

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I've been lighting the J all day..

The stress has been over the top in the last week with the Tron virus running rampant :-/

Yeah I'm ready to quarantine Steem and let it die with the Tron virus. The community is what matters. Wherever we go and whatever we do, I know we bring the value with us.

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haha that's the move

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I think Sun is being dishonest and playing his own game..

Of course. He and Ned are the two most dishonest and disgusting people I've ever had the displeasure of knowing in my entire life.

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Is a fork a foregone conclusion or does the OG community need to occupy more of the top 20 before a fork proceeds?

Fork is foregone conclusion and has nothing to do with state of consensus witnesses on current (old) Steem chain.

Thank you for the explanation 👌🏽

I'm glad I bumped into this thread. So Steem is forking and finally ridding itself of stinc. Does that mean all the pre-mine will also be excluded from the new fork as Loki (probably spelled the name incorrectly) wanted to do so long ago, but wasn't able to get enough support to actually pull it off?

And when we do fork, how will people know which front end to use? I've been using from the start and never stopped using it. I imagine once the fork takes place, it will not support the new branch. I think this kind of information needs to be widely published so that people will know what it is they need to do to continue to access their accounts and new Steem replacement tokens.

Will we need 2 wallets if we want to keep both the old and new Steem? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a ton of questions about how to deal with a hard fork of this sort.

Steem and Steemit are both done! Whether it is the old Steem or the new one, both will quickly become worthless once Steemit folds...and make no mistake about it, it will fold. Justin Sun did not buy Steem / Steemit to enhance or even save the platform. He bought it salvage what he could, cash it in, and shut down the rest. Those who are left holding Steem once it shuts down will lose their money.

I guess time will tell.
Why do you think the new Hive chain will also die? I assume that's what you mean when you say, "the new Steem".

Tron (Justin Sun) is now in control of Steem and Steemit. Sure, a few Steem/Steemit die-hards may very well try a hard fork, but history has shown that rarely if ever does such a venture work. There is a lot more to branching out than buying or renting a few servers. It takes tens of millions of dollars, and numerous business connections (contacts), to be even modestly successful, otherwise you would just be pissing money down the drain. Many have tried...and most if not all have failed.

Ah... I see.
Good thing I didn't put a lot of money into it then. The whole thing of blockchain coins is a gamble, so don't gamble what you can't afford to lose.
Thanks for the warning. Its always good to see things from all angles.

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