YouTube's Christmas PURGE of Cryptocurrency videos and channels!

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Today, word is spreading of a massive ongoing digital book-burning of Bitcoin and crypto content on YouTube. Several large cryptocurrency channels have disappeared, while others have had dozens of videos removed. YouTube's reason: crypto content is "dangerous or harmful".

Here is a Twitter post by a popular YouTuber named Chris Dunn who lost several years of "dangerous" videos Dec 23.

I myself have 8+ years of cryptocurrency (mainly Bitcoin) video coverage on my channel. I consider it some of my most important work, as I was one of the few who saw this coming, and spoke out online. My videos (and the metadata like views, comments, etc) are important for the historical record and should never be deleted! They shouldn't be censored, either, but they have been all along. Now, it sounds like they'll be gone, sooner rather than later.

Crypto is dangerous?

What is it about cryptocurrency that is dangerous or harmful? Is it that it's dangerous to the legacy banking system? The G7 and G20 have already announced they're fearful a pegged digital currency ("stablecoin") will topple the system, so maybe that explains it.

If that's it, why is it up to YouTube to censor such discussion? And will not talking about it make the (alleged) problem go away?

YouTube has added cryptocurrency to its list of banned topics - a list that only had 2 entries up until recently: direct calls for violence, and harming children.

Suddenly, you can't talk about conspiracies, you can't discuss censorship, you can't question 'pivotal events' like Sandy Hook, you can't criticize Zionism, you can't analyze 9/11, you can't mention plant-based treatments for illness, you can't show live cannabis plants, you can't spread information YouTube considers false, you can't do anything seen as harassing, threatening, or insulting of someone's religion or gender expression, and so on. More bannable offenses are added to the list every week.

YouTube has gone from "Broadcast Yourself" to a platform that actively determines what topics and even opinions members can have. What's worse, they're deciding what information is publicly available, and what isn't.

The most likely reason for all this censorship? The deep state is losing control of the narrative and too many people are waking up all at once. They're accelerating the pace of their plans, and getting sloppy. All the chips are on the table and they're playing for keeps.

Keep finding truth and spreading knowledge!
And merry Christmas.


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Wow more purging.

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