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RE: Why I am targeting the JAHM token to add to @spinvest-leo's portfolio

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Yeah mon spinvest branch accounts have really been balling out for spinvest In general. Knowing the backing and project behind reggaesteem, it makes perfect sense to stack this reward token to expand growth potential. Biased or not, JAHM and reggaesteem are making strides above and beyond other tribes, separating themselves as a real contender to disrupt the crypto space. Utilizing this with spinvests mission together is something quite special and I can only thank you JK!!

Respect !

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It makes so much sense, now that I easily can, to bring these two awesome projects together.

You’re doing good for multiple tribes by expanding their growth and building on to what’s already been created, said and done. A true tribesman

As far as your splinterlands investment goes, are you stacking SPT or untamed tokens on SE?? Curious


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Playing from my main account @jk6276.mons, and renting cards out through peakmonsters from my Leo account. No stash of DEC or tokens, the cards are the investment there.

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