A Call For Help || Our Beloved Lagos Steemian @illie-ella Lost Her Mother: Let's Support Her

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burial poster of @illie-ella's mum

Hello @steemalive, @steemitblog, and my fellow beautiful steemians. This is a call for help to assist our fellow steemian @illie-ella who lost her mum to the cold hands of death.

@illie-ella is a Lagos City Steemian though a newbie, whose mother was diagnosed of cancer of the bone 8 months ago. The illness got so bad that she got admitted to the hospital which resulted to the in-activeness of @illie-ella because she had been the one taking care of her sick mum even in the hospital.

Unfortunately, @illie-ella lost her mum 3 weeks ago and the burial had been rescheduled for 10th of June 2021 as seen in the above picture poster.

Considering the Nigerian high cost of holding burial, I as her City Co-ordinator hereby call for support from fellow steemians, let's support her in anyway we could at this point in time. You can support her with steem or steem dollar. I have also set @illie-ella's account as 100% beneficiary to this post. Please let's all try as much as we can to support her.

NB: If you are sending any steem or steem dollar donation, also send to her account @illie-ella. Thank you all in anticipation for your kind gesture.

For those who are around Lagos City, if you can make it to the burial on the 10th of June 2021 which is a week from today, it will be good, let's go and be with her on that day.

Thank you my fellow beautiful steemians for your support in anticipation.


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 4 months ago 

Resurrection hope assured,May Jehovah console and provide for the family

May her soul rest in peace

May her soul rest in peace,Amen.
Take heart and be strong. Please accept my condolence.

Rest on ma.

So sad. But rest on ma

 3 months ago 

May JEHOVAH GOD comfort you and the family. Accept my condolences. Please be strong.

Hope is like an anchor that hold us firm, may the resurrection hope comfort you and the rest of the family.

It's really a pity, my sister,may Jehovah, the God of all comforts continue to be your strength in this difficult times.

 3 months ago 

Really sad. Rest on ma... And pls take heart @illie-ella... The Lord strengthen all of you.

May her soul rest in peace