SteemAlive Presents: 800 Steem Powered up for the first week of 01 community Support. Nov, 1-7, 2021.

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We the entire admin and members of Steemalive community want to express our appreciation for the honor given to us as our community was selected for community support this month of November by the Steemit team. In keeping with the purpose of this support, we will be powering up our earnings weekly, except for the small reserve we will keep for contest prizes and a few other things. So this week, we are powering up the 800 Steem which has been gotten from the SBD earned and swapped. We hope to increase our community SP as much as possible so that we can adequately support our growing members.


Our wallet Before the Power up

Before doing this powerup, we originally have the 15,789.275 SP as can be seen below. We had delegated 1000 SP to our community curation trail account @steem-alive.



Wallet after power up of 800 Steem

Here is what it looks after the power up of 800 Steem.





We appreciate the effort of all Steemalive State representatives, team coordinators and members in their efforts to support our community. We will continue to utilize this opportunity by powering up weekly. At the end, we want to grow our SP as much as possible. Thank you everyone for your efforts. You can always count on us for support.

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nice, well done, I haven't had any curator votes since august, so my powers have been really small, but I keep on trying

Would you like to join our curation trail and become an official member so that we can support you the best we can? @petrahaller?

sure. I don't really know what a curation trail is though ..... sorry

A kind of auto-voting. Once you join a trail, your account automatically votes any posts voted by SteemAlive account. Helps a community account vote with bigger value. Why you still enjoy your curation rewards

go that's great, can I still vote for other communities? and also won't I run out of voting power? also for the community support I have to comment right? that's not automatic

 3 years ago 

This is so great and worthy to be emulated by all

Well done @steemalive

Leading by example is an amazing thing. Thank you @steemalive

 3 years ago 

Wow @steemalive ....this is massive.Steemalive community is always moving higher everyday.I hope more support is recieved in the coming days.

#club5050 all the way:Power up is a goal

I want to be like #steemalive one day. Thank you steemalive for leading by example.

 3 years ago 

Waooo this is wonderful,1week 800steem , this is encouraging, l love this bold step.

 3 years ago 

I'm glad we are growing and I'm happy to be part of the story in my little way.

I love what am seeing and so happy for us @steemalive. We are not doing bad at all.

 3 years ago 

Hi @steemalive

I want to say thank you for your hard work

We are getting bigger everyday 💖💖❤❤👏. I will keep following this community

Sixteen Thousand plus Steem Power isn't a day job rather through a concerted efforts and discipline. Well done for scaling so high.

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