Our Community power up for the 3rd week (21/11/2021) has been done - 2500 Steem

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Since this month of November when we were picked for support, we have made sure to power up almost all our weekly earnings. We want to use this opportunity to grow the community steem power as much as we can. The week ended yesterday being 21/11/2021. We have made the power up for that week. Its a total of 2500 Steem powered up.


2500 Steem powered up

You can find below, the total of 2500 Steem which we powered for the week that jus ended.


Here is the total Sp we now have in our community account


How much have in powered up in total?

In this special month of support, we have powered up our earnings for each of the 3 weeks so far spent. The table below shows how much Steem that has been power up in total:

PeriodSteem Powered up
@Week 1800 STEEM
@Week 23000 STEEM
@Week 32500 STEEM
@Total6,300 STEEM



We sincerely appreciate the opportunity given to us by @steemitblog to be selected for this November support. We are making the best use of it by powering all our earnings except the little we leave for contest prizes and supporting some of our promotion activities. We equally thank all our community leaders, the state representatives and team coordinators for their untiring efforts. We equally appreciate all our members that participate in various community activities, together we can grow and achieve more. Thank you all!!!


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This is beautiful,we are growing

 2 months ago 

Hello @steemalive,

Congrats on your powerup for the club5050. Greater heights always.

More Steem to Steemalive!

 2 months ago 

A big power up for @steemalive. They also want to participate in everything, I so much like there spirit. We win together.


 2 months ago 

congrats to @steemAlive massive power up great intention trust me the spirit is growing day by day, the winning is for all.

@steemalive is really on fire, that's a great power up. Lets keep on with the spirit


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