How I Would Spend My Last Seven Days To Live

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I am a person that wants to see her 100th year on earth but if what I think to be impossible happens and suddenly I got notified that I got just seven days before my departure from earth due to health reasons or whatsoever. I'm sure going make the seven days worthy for it’s going to be my last. And the top three things I know for sure I am going to indulge in are as follows:

Make Peace With My Maker: I will go on my knees and ask for God’s mercy as a believer so that I can make it to my rightful home (heaven). Apart from that I will also pray that God will keep protecting and showering his love to my loved ones on earth.

Share my worth: I will love to share my wealth with my loved ones. And I will do this by splitting it into two portions. One of the portions I will share to my siblings so that they can use it to forge ahead with their lives and the other portion I will give to charity preferably an Orphanage Home because I have this natural compassion for children who are living without the love of a Father nor mother and I think it will be great if the society at large shows them some compassion too.

Spread Love and Peace To Everyone: If there is anybody in my life who I feel I have offended and who has wrong me in a way or two then it's going to be time for us to make peace with each other. And I will also try to resolve any rift or conflict I see that a loved one of mine, a neighbor, or even a stranger is involved too. And finally, I will speak to those that mean so much to me and tell them how I feel and appreciate their presence in my life

This is my entry to a challenge by @steemalive

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