WriteAright 2.0. A contest organized by steemalive community. A toturial on how to grow organic mushroom in your compound.

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Organic mushroom


Hello!!!! Lovelies. I know you all are doing very well. I thank you all for your support through comment and votes on my last week posts. Lets do it again this week I love you all. Today, we are going to learn how to grow mush room in our compound without going to the bush. Stay tuned. This is my first entry in this week's contest organized by steemalive community WriteAwrite 2.0 see link

What to do first

bank for the mushroom

Since the mushroon is something we will nature in the compound. Look for a good space in your compound and build a small house like the one you are seeing. Put sticks like you want to put yam. Then after arranging the house for the mush room fumigate it in order not to allow paste to come in. Remember that the house you will make it with net so that a little sunlight will be coming in.

Second step

the sudust and rice sharf and mushroom seed

Get a bag put your sudust, put the rice sharf then crush the mushroom seed or you buy already crushed seed from organic shop then put them in the bag and start putting them in the bank. Don't forget to give small opening where the mush room can grow out. Then you will be pouring water like twice a day. In the morning and evening.

In the mushroom farm

The final stage

mushroom growing out

When the mushroom is out. You start havesting and start thinking of how to package it to look more attractive.

Note. If you dont fumigate the house it may grow unwanted mushroom or other things that are not edible. So fumigate and water your mushroom allow a little sunlight to reach it since it does not require much sun. thats is it. Our mushroom is ready for eating. And marketing. You can contact me for your fresh mushrooms.

How long does it for a mushroom to grow

Having watched this my auntie's mushroom farm I can say it takes like one month for it to start coming out. It grows wider every day.

the out look of the mushroom farm

How I leant how to grow mushroom

my aunty thought me this mushroom farming and is very lucrative. check out how much the sell in kg. 1kg is sold at 2300.19.7steem Then calculate it in a week you will have like 16100 steem 31.1steem you can see you are making much money by the time you sell for a month.

Why will people buy this mushroom

  • People will buy your mushroom because is very good in giving us energy.

  • It contains potassium That helps to regulate the blood pressure and lower risk of high blood pressure.

  • Is good for pregnant mothers. It contains folate a supplement that helps in pregnancy.

It a fast food. It cooks very fast.

Feel free to ask me more question on how to grow your organic mushroom in your compound and here to help you.


There are some mushrooms that are not good for eating. But when you come to this our farm you will discover that we only sell eatable ones. So buy from us today.

Special mention

Know more about me here


Wow! I must confess that this is my first time of hearing mushroom being grown. It even has seed. This is really a great knowledge.

I will love to know more about the fumigation. What's the process like and the chemical called?

Thanks for sharing this. More wins.

 2 years ago 

What a wonderful leason on how to grow mushrooms in our compound, this your auntie mushroom farm is big and lucrative too, i will love to buy from her and and also learn all the secret from her.

 2 years ago 

Woaooah, this is what I have been waiting to learn. Infact I will like to know more about it since the business is lucrative.

 2 years ago 

Feel free she is just close to us. We can biy from her.

This is really a nice one. I didn’t even know that mushroom could be grown.

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Team #Sevengers

Good one my dear, I have been looking for a way to know more about mushrooms. I will give you a call on Saturday. Thank you for sharing

 2 years ago 

Wow blessing thanks for the invitation, I will read it properly after contest 😂😂

 2 years ago 

Very educative post. I have been opportuned to visit a mushroom farm in the past, and it was worth it. The mushrooms are so sweet and nutritious. Thanks for educating us more.

 2 years ago 

Oooh thats gud.

I knew mushroom could be grown but this is a very helpful tutorial on how it can be grown. Very soon we all will have our very own mushroom farms. Thanks a lot

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