Regrets - Some of the things I wish I did or did not do in life. CHYMALL BUSINESS

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How I wish! Had I know! What a mistake! Just missed an opportunity! These words brings agony to the heart and mind. But when such happens, it's just evidence of our imperfect state. Day-by-day, we do miss opportunities or even engage in decisions that surely results to despair.

My question is, have you ever make any serious mistake in life resulting to regrets? If yes, please, am eager to hear your story. What led to it? Are you still battling with it? Or, have it been corrected?. While waiting for your response, let me share mine with you all.

My personal unforgettable experience

It started in the year 2019, when a friend called me and say, marajah, what are you into now?. Then, he continued, come inside town on Monday and I will love to show you the best trending ever. The caller is a reputable business partner. Inside my heart, I believe that once he is into the business, it must be genuine.

As networkers, we do share the best trending networking biz with our members. So, on that faithful day, I boarded a tricycle to the venue he directed me to come. On reaching there, he took me to an office where I met a neat and good-looking lady. After exchanging pleasantries, both told me about a certain trending networking business and it's glory. To me, it's appealing and captivating. Therefore, I succumbed. The name of the business they introduced to me is CHYMALL. Looking at the business then, it seems genuine and ever since I started networking, that's my first time of participating in an online networking business.

Unfortunately, I don't even have dyne to start the business. But seeing how serious I am,(twice weekly, I will trek 4 miles from my home to the office) the lady registered me with her money. As a smart lady I am, I introduced the biz to many and they joined me. Wow, my money rised. The worst of it all is that a friend of mine I introduced invested 319,000 today, and the site shutdown in the next 5 days.

IMG_20220803_051059_795.jpgthe only things I benefitted from the company(massagers)

But the funniest of it all is my inability to withdraw my earnings. Instead of withdrawing, I kept on upgrading. Too bad. Friends, do you guys know that I lost above 300 thousand naira in the business? The situation laid me in despair

Filled with despair

The experience devastated my life and placed me miserable. But, I concealed it within myself. It's only my brother, my fellow victim that knows. I felt like my own have ended, all hope lost. But, thank God for steemit. And at that point in life, I decided to register as a steemian. So, steemit, coupled with other businesses, brought back my hope. And am now hearty and healthy.

The lessons I learnt

But, In all, I have learn not to trust any online investment platform. More to that, even if I should invest in one again, I must withdraw my earnings. I won't call it greedy neither will I call it love of money because, just like steemit, I thought it's suchlike platform. Little did I know that, one-day, It will disappeared in thick gloom. Truly, experience is the best teacher. Never will I engage into any business again because, a fellow is into it.

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 2 months ago 

Am grateful dear community, I will keep on publishing quality articles. Once again, I say thank you.

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@samuel20, thanks for curating my article. I will keep on publishing quality contents. Once again, I say thank you.

Is part of life ma, am sorry for what happened. 😂😂The lessons you learnt is making me to laugh. Yes is very very necessary to withdraw your earnings in any online platform as soon as possible, to avoid any problem.

You are right we should not trust on such platform mostly we lost our money in the greed of more money we should withdraw our money from such platforms as soon as possible

 2 months ago 

It's very necessary to withdraw your money early but she wanted to get much money that was why she ended up in regrets but today she has learnt something

 2 months ago 

In life there must be a mistake that will lead to regrets no matter how careful one is.

My dear @marajah, I really understood your plight. So sorry for your lost. My husband was in that business too but he gained and he withdraws his earrings weekly. I love the spirit of which you use in Steemit. It's well...long time.

Very touching experience @matajah.

Many scammers come up with Ponzi schemes like Chymall and many more to fraudulently make money from others.

Thanks to Steemit.

Yess you are right brother many scammers are there on internet to stollen the money of poor peoples

Ohoo dear I feel so sorry for your loss because i also lost my money in many scams this is digital world and the scammers are also increased day by day we should always learn from our mistakes instead of regrets

 2 months ago 

Me too I have lost so much on online investment because of greed,I will always say let me keep my money so I can make much and that was exactly what happened to her

That's all bro many peoples lost their money in this way they always try to get more and more sorry for your losses

 2 months ago 

Yea and if you still don't abstain from being greedy you will keep losing and losing
Thanks bro

Yes we should avoid greed because if we don't avoid we will keep losing our money

 2 months ago 

Chaii,it's quite apoling that you lost a huge amount of money and also your friend also lost their own.

Am glad you have just learn some few things from it and I hope you will not make such mistakes again.

 2 months ago 

My dear, that's huge mistake. I wish I know, I would have withdrawn all my earnings. Too bad

 2 months ago 

She really lost a lot of money but I am happy that she have learnt a moral lesson to withdraw her money from any online investment early


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Alright sir. Little did I know that I must include images. Expect quality posts from my end soonest

 2 months ago (edited)

Life is full of ups and down. It is pathetic that you lost a lot of money through the Chymall platform. You won't really blame yourself because you wanted to a good life, but unfortunately the grape went sour. Thank God for Steemit, it was a consolation for the loss.

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Thanks for your understanding. Steemit wiped away my tears and never will I engage in such biz again.

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