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RE: Regrets - Some of the things I wish I did or did not do in life. CHYMALL BUSINESS

in SteemAlive4 months ago

Ohoo dear I feel so sorry for your loss because i also lost my money in many scams this is digital world and the scammers are also increased day by day we should always learn from our mistakes instead of regrets

 4 months ago 

Me too I have lost so much on online investment because of greed,I will always say let me keep my money so I can make much and that was exactly what happened to her

That's all bro many peoples lost their money in this way they always try to get more and more sorry for your losses

 4 months ago 

Yea and if you still don't abstain from being greedy you will keep losing and losing
Thanks bro

Yes we should avoid greed because if we don't avoid we will keep losing our money

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