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RE: Live and Direct Reporting for today 3/8/2021 and Tomorrow 4/8/2021

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Second LID Report

Location: Owerri
Time: 2.48pm

Hello guys, hope your day is going well, and the sun is smiling down on you like it is smiling on me. Well as I expected the day has been busy but for now I'm cool. I've typed and printed a couple of projects work/corrections today, including mine. I also went to submit my own work as today was our day of submission. My supervisor made some corrections too, but I'm done with it now, finally he collected the work. So I'll be waiting on the day of defense which starts next week. I've not had lunch yet.
Yep, that's it for this afternoon. See ya later.

Me waiting for my supervisor.

 2 years ago (edited)

Hi @justice009

I am glad you have completed your project work.Writing project is always a demanding activity.

Continue to be at your best in your academic pursuit.

I will, thanks

 2 years ago 

Hello @justice009 thank God for the success of your project work.
I wish you distinction in your defence.


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