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Dear diary,

Happy weekend friends I hope we all enjoyed the week, this about my Saturday activities.

I woke up on Saturday morning at 5:30pm about to start my morning devotion I noticed that one of my sister was very ill so I opened my door and went to her to know her feelings and I noticed that it was just malaria so I managed to help her relax at that time.

So I came back to my room and made my prayer and also relax for a while before I came out brush my mouth, also did some necessary cleaning in my room before I went to her by that time it had gotten to 7:20am, so I went to her again and took her to the pharmacy and buy drugs for her.


About to go to the pharmacy

So when we came back I help her to take the ones at that morning before I left her and went to prepare breakfast, so I prepare pap and akara as breakfast.


The breakfast

After that I went and wash some of my dirty clothes and then took my bath before I went in to rest.

Later in the evening I prepare myself and went to the church for our leadership training and stayed there till it gets to 6:30pm when we round up before I came back home, and directly went to check my sister and it happened that she is now strong.

So l went to my and did some necessary things and ate my food before I took my bath and went in for the day.

Thanks at steemitblog for making the diary game an unending event I grateful.

Best regards to

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 3 years ago 

@hopekel. You acted so responsibly. Your sister most be very proud of you. Good to hear that when you went back to check on her she was strong. Stay fit and have a good day. Best wishes

Thank you sir am grateful

Was so kind of you to care for your sister's health. Hope her health has greatly improved

Thanks for sharing

Thanks ma for reading am grateful

Wow.. You had a great day... I will enjoy the pap with akara with you another day. Thanks for sharing

Thanks sir for reading

You had a wonderful day

Thank you ma

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