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Dear diary,

Happy midweek friends I'm so happy to see ourselves again in this great community.

I am here to write about my Wednesday activities, I Wake up early this morning and did my devotion before I came out and did some necessary cleaning before I prepare my breakfast and ate and then took my bath and then went out for work.

When I get to the site I greeted everyone and moved straight to the flat where am working and change my clothes and mixed cement and started work immediately because other things has been made ready yesterday.



So later in the afternoon as the work is going on I came out of the site and moved to a shop close to it and buy something as lunch to sustain my strength before I continued.



So I continued work and work till is 6:00pm before I Roundup for the day and started going and from there I escorted my friend that worked with me to where he entered Keke before I came back home and entered my room drop my bag and went to the bathroom to take my bath after which I ate my food and went in for the day

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To be a man no easy but brother please for your health sake, give much attention to what goes inside your mouth. I know you where busy with work and probably you have target but life is more important. There are still cement on your hand

 3 years ago 

@hopekel is good to read your diary. Is not easy to be a man but am happy you work atleast.

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