Wallpapers installed 100%, Painting job gone 70% - Update on the work at the Steemit training center Aba, Nigeria.

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I am pleased to bring you more updates as regards our training center at 208 Azikiwe Road, Aba Abia State, Nigeria, which is being fixed at the moment. Recall that since 2 weeks now, we have been working tireless to make the center fine for business. Every 2 days, we bring you updates at the stage of work at the site. Last time, we told you that the partitions have been installed and that wallpaper installations have started. Today we bring you more updates.

Wallpaper Installed Completely and painting gone more than half

We closed today by 6pm. As at the closing time, the wallpaper job has been completed in the two partitions. We choose two designs - one for the training area and the other for the consultation area. Midway during the installation, we ran out of wallpaper and gum. I quickly rushed to the shop to buy extra 2 rolls of the wallpaper and half tin of gum.

By 3pm today, the wallpaper job was completed. You can take a look at some of the images take there today:

Wallpaper installed in the training area

Wallpaper installed in the training area

Wallpaper installed in the training area

We choose a different wallpaper design for the consultation area. The images below show the completed installations of the wallpapers in the consultation area

Brick design Wallpaper installed in the consultation area

Brick design Wallpaper installed in the consultation area

Brick design Wallpaper installed in the consultation area

Steemians in the city are really excited with the work we are doing. We usually have one or two visits each day. Today @meymeyshops decided to come around, and there was nothing wrong with a selfie. take a look

Selfie: @focusnow and @meymeyshops

Photoshot @meymeyshops

What Next?

image.png** painting in progress**

The painting job has been going one for 3 days now and 70% of the walls have been painted. The Paintter assured us that by weekend (Saturday) the painting job would be over. SO we will continue the painting work tomorrow and next. After that, the electricals would be checked for proper functioning. Then, other aspects of interior decoration would be looked into such as curtains, the desks, chairs for trainings, etc.

We still have a considerable budget to pocket out. We are sure to get all the remaining funds needed to complete the project. Thank you to all SteemAlive members that have supported the project in one way or the other. We also appreciate @steemcurator01 for being so supportive of our projects. Next update comes up in 2 days time.


This is a great work in deed I must be there personally from Timothy Onwuka @toson

W0w!!! I most say this work is really going on fast and the wallpapers are beautiful, thank you uncle Charles for all you do keep up the good work

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Wow this is huge @focusnow, you have really done a great job. I am really impressed by all these. Steemit in Aba city is taking a new shape.
Thanks for all you do for steemit in your city.
Best regards

Wow look so good

Progress..keep the good work going on..I can't wait for the next post to see how beautiful the paintings are..the brick wall papers is also topotch ... extremely classic..I like them...I hope we in Lagos and ogun state will come visit when its about to open..

 2 months ago 

This is quite interesting @focusnow..
The money will come as soon as the needs arises.. Mote strength..

I'm really impressed with the work there, the wallpaper designs are CLASSIC, You made right choices. Keep up the good work. Hope to be there pretty soon. All the best.

The project is going smoothly. I will love to attend any training held here. cannot wait to see @focusnow in person and also meet other @steemalive members.

This is really amazing 😊🤗

I can't wait to participate in our first training day after the whole place is set.

The interior design is so beautiful 😘

I'm loving the training center already and it looks so large and spacious from the picture.


I'm so excited 😁

Congratulations to @Steemalive members aba branch.

More grease to ur joints dear sir @focusnow

This is amazing! You are doing a good Job.
Am impressed with what is going on here, now you want ti make me leave lagos to aba. Not to worry we will soon have ours in lagos

 2 months ago 

OMG!!! This is a great job sir @focusnow. It's so beautiful... Ahhhhh I actually short of words right now...

That's lovely..you are doing a great job Sir..

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