My Sunday and I: A contest designed to showcase your Sunday Lifestyle (15 Steem + NGN1000 + Booming)

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I welcome you friends to this launching and very first edition of a contest designed and Sponsored by @focusnow. This contest is called MY Sunday and I. Sundays are special days in many parts of the world because of the many special activities people engage in. For most people, A Sunday usually follows a particular routine. I mean that there are special activities and choices reserved only for Sundays. A Sunday is a Lifestyle of its own. People live in a particular, special way every Sunday. This contest is designed to showcase various Sunday Lifestyles.


How to participate

Participants in this contest are not only expected to write in detail about their Sunday lifestyle. They are expected to live their Sunday life and show the world their choices! So in simple terms, tell us your Sunday lifestyle - in realtime.

What you need to do

Write in detail, what your choices are on Sundays under the following categories. Include at least 1 picture for each category:

  • Religion: How do you worship on a Sunday? What is your Religion? Why do you choose it. Where is it located? Take a Selfie in your place of worship. Who are your friends there? any other things?

  • Food: Do you cook any special meals on Sundays? What type of meat/fish do you prefer? When do you eat your special meals. Alone or with family/friends? Include a picture of you enjoying that special Sunday meal.

  • Fashion: What special cloth do you wear on Sundays? How much does it cost to make? Why do you choose a particular style. Show and Tell us about your shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories you use to make yourself attractive on a Sunday. Show us your Sunday fashion.

  • Relaxation/Entertainment: How do you enjoy yourself this Sunday? Do you watch movies, football, attend parties or other events? Or simply Sleep at home. Write in detail how you relaxed or got entertained this Sunday?

  • Neighbor's Watch: Write at least one lifestyle you have noticed about your neighbors every Sunday. e.g Always attending a religious program, wearing a particular fashion or cooking a special meal. Include at least a picture to confirm this.

  • Sunday News: Watch the news on Television, read a newspaper or Listen to news on Radio. Write about some interesting local, National or international news Items you heard tomorrow (being Sunday). Tell us as much detail as you heard. What is your preferred Sunday news media (television. Newspaper, Radio)?

Note 1: You MUST write on at least 4 of the 6 categories listed above. Each category must have at least one original picture taken tomorrow (Sunday). Each category you write on Must have at least 100 words.

Note 2: This is 100% a lifestyle story and not a diary post. So we are not interested in timing or some chronological order of presentation (no need to write Morning, afternoon or evening activities). We are interested in your detailed lifestyle tomorrow being Sunday.


The Rules

  • Your must be at least in club5050
  • Your post should be at least 400 words long
  • Start Submitting your entries from 5pm Tomorrow (15/05/2022)
  • Make sure you have an active all4one post
  • Your first two tags should be #lifestyle, #contest
  • Drop your entry links as a comment on this post
  • make a comment on this post and indicate that you wish to participate
  • Vote, and resteem this post
  • Plagiarism of any type is forbidden and will get you banned
  • Be detailed, original and creative


The Prize

We have the following Prizes:

Number 1: 15 Steem will be shared to top 3 entries as follows:
1st Position: 7 Steem
2nd position: 5 Steem
3rd Position: 3 Steem
4th and 5th Positions: Booming Support
All quality articles will be submitted to booming and curation trail.
The person with the highest number of quality engagement on Contest entries wins NGN1000 extra.

Note: By quality engagement, not just making quality comments, but carrying on conversations under participants posts


Contest Submission Time - 7 hours

Entries will be accepted from 5pm - 12 midnight tomorrow 15/5/2022. So that you would have participated in activities that you will use to showcase your Sunday lifestyle.


Support this Contest

Donate steem, SBD or tron to support this contest. Send it to @focusnow, with memo: mysundayandi. At least, you can make a meaningful comment on this post if you dont have anything to donate.



We wish you a great Sunday tomorrow. We want to see what your Sunday Lifestyle looks like. We hope that you will enjoy this contest. Lets do it, shall we?


Entries will be accepted from 5pm - 12 midnight tomorrow 15/5/2022. So that you would have participated in activities that you will use to showcase your Sunday lifestyle.

Perfect time for the event come tomorrow, I am in already.

 2 years ago 

I know you are ready @divineeko, show us friends today

 2 years ago 

Wow this is going to be an awesome one
Thanks to @steemalive

 2 years ago 

@emmanu, i know you will be first to drop your link

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago (edited)

Wow🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗, this is a very interesting contest that many of us will not afford to miss. Life the 👇

Fashion: What special cloth do you wear on Sundays?

I know that many ladies like @chichieze, @marajah,@beautybb and so many of them will feed our eyes with different designs oooh... I call this a fashion war.

And for the entertainment section, I will be fully there because am not a fashion type 🤣🤣🤣...

This is a nice contest and it will really make our Sunday night to to really busy as many of us will smiles on Monday. A very big thanks to My Boss @focusnow for initiating this Sunday contest...

I will be part of this contest fully and I pray God to bless me with steem so that can be supporting this contest

 2 years ago 

Hahahaha, thank God I don't have clothes to wear. But I will try to showcase my what I have

 2 years ago 

Ahahaha just like me oooh.... My Sunday clothe is a national anthem...

 2 years ago 

Entertainment guys, omo this Contest covers all aspects of Sunday activities, where do I belong @caleb-marvel

 2 years ago 

I belong to the music department oooo

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Wow! Awesome contest from @steemalive. I will sure participate in this one ooo

 2 years ago 

You na Sunday pikin, una contest don show

Hahahahahaha. ......I hope to participate ma.

This is wonderful and will be interesting, i will contest ooo

Oh my God.. this contest is one of the greatest .

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