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RE: Bitcoin is booming: My favorite Coin is: Bitcoin. (Powered up 100%)

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One thing about holding cryptocurrency is that there's a high tendency for you to sell it. I was also in the same shoes because I sold my steem a week ago just to get some cash at hand.

For now I believe the easiest currency to buy now is TRX and Steem because if it's relatively low price. And holding it for a long time while it appreciates in value would be of great profit. Not like it takes anything to hold it.

Bitcoin is really doing well and I hope it keeps up the good work because if it experiences a huge crash it would be bad market for Crypto lovers.

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 3 months ago 

Thank you @beckie96830. We are really excited about the current bill run. We hoped it continues. Sure buying steem or Tron and holding a long time is always top priority. That's a way to even boost the price of Steem. We want to see Steem go above $1.

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