Looking forward, seriously?

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Is there something I look forward too? I'm not sure.
I don't set goals just hope my life will be as good as it is right now. It was better once but looking back doesn't make me feel better. I try to hang in and continue my life in the way I like. I read, watch films and started writing here. I try to have a short walk daily and while doing I take deep breaths. I'm a slow walker and try to avoid stress.

Some say I avoid everything. In a way it's true. I do not like discussions about who's right or wrong. I don't like to blame others for what goes wrong because we let them and I am part of 'we' too. So if I stay home, out of trouble, listen instead of speak first I hope in a way this world will be a better one. Fighting will not make the situation any better. If the clans (people) fight each other the rulers take over and control because we didn't pay attention.

My family and friends are no longer close. It's hard to meet, hard to speak freely. The government wants family, neighbours and friends to report those who think differently. This worries me.

Some of you like to be prepared. Prepared for the cold, the hunger. Everything will be more expensive or the shops will be empty. We will be without power, without money. How to survive? How to keep busy alone? I read @sarix her poem about anxiety. Perhaps a pet helps but what if I can't afford the food, pay for it's needs.
I wish I could prepare for what lies ahead but I don't know how. Making a shoppinglist is already hard for me, buying the right things, having enough money. Time will tell what the future will bring. I don't have great expectations for me.


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It's a goal to be who you are, to let life we as good as it is for you now too.
If it comes to avoiding this can be wise too. It all depends on the situation.

Thanks for joining. 👍🍀💖

 6 months ago 

I really think you are right to take a walk. It relieves stress. And it's better to live in the present without worrying about tomorrow because today is hard enough.

You are right. The present is hard enough. It's better to focus on that.

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